Thursday, March 12, 2020

Onward (2020)

Movie Name/Year: Onward (2020)
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Length: 102 minutes
Rating: PG
Production/Distribution: Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disney Studios, Feelgood Entertainment, Forum Hungary, Kinomania, NOS Audiovisuais, Press Play Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Japan
Director: Dan Scanlon
Writer: Dan Scanlon, Keith Bunin, Jason Headley
Actors: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, Mel Rodriguez, Kyle Bornheimer, Lena Waithe, Ali Wong, Grey Griffin, Tracey Ullman, Wilmer Valderrama, George Psarras, John Ratzenberger

Blurb from IMDb: Set in a suburban fantasy world, two teenage elf brothers embark on a quest to discover if there is still magic out there.

Selina’s Point of View:
I wish that the studio had opted to postpone Onward’s theater run until all this coronavirus craziness is over. It’s not making a great deal of money right now – especially when compared to its budget – but I don’t think that has anything to do with the movie itself.

I really expected a more crowded theater when I went. It was just me, three guys in front of me, and a couple in the back. It’s a Pixar film. Even if the trailer had looked bad (which it didn’t), there should have been more butts in those seats.

Onward was a great movie. I absolutely loved it.

At first, I thought it was going to be cute. Nothing to write home about, but Pixar-cute. Then, just about halfway through the film, something changed. I really started to get invested in the characters and their goal. I wanted them to succeed so badly. And it all led up to a wonderfully orchestrated ending.

I’m not gonna lie, there were points in Onward where I cried. I don’t mean ‘single tear running down the cheek’ either. I fucking ugly cried. It was so wholesome and emotional, yet it managed to be fun as well.

I think it definitely deserves to be considered up there with Up (2009), Toy Story (1995), and Inside Out (2015). The characters weren’t human but everything they experienced felt so real and relatable.

I urge you to give Onward a chance. I understand that if the virus is where you are, that you may be not think going to the theater is a good idea… but if you can, catch it on streaming when it comes out.

Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score – 87%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score – 96%
Metascore – 61/100
Metacritic User Score – 7.0/10
IMDB Score – 7.7/10
CinemaScore – A-

Trust the Dice: Selina’s Rating4.5/5

Movie Trailer:

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