Friday, December 18, 2020

The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020) - 'Tis the Season


Streaming Services: Netflix
Movie Name/Year: The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Length: 96 minutes
Rating: TV-G
Production/Distribution: Netflix, Motion Picture Corporation of America, Brad Krevoy Television
Director: Mike Rohl
Writers: Robin Bernheim, Megan Metzger
Actors: John Jack, Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Mark Fleischmann, Mia Lloyd, Nick Sagar, Suanne Braun, Lachlan Nieboer, Ricky Norwood, Florence Hall, Michelle Chantelle Hopewell, Giles Taylor, Juliet Cadzow, Ewan Somers, Sandy Welch, Rose McIver, Ben Lamb
Blurb from IMDb: When Duchess Margaret unexpectedly inherits the throne to Montenaro and hits a rough patch with Kevin, it's up to her double Stacy to save the day before a new lookalike, party girl Fiona foils their plans.

Cat’s Point of View:
I have been super excited to watch The Princess Switch: Switched Again. I absolutely adored the first movie, and I was intrigued as to what angle they’d take for the sequel to ensure this wasn’t just another rinse and repeat of the original swap-up tale.
While the film starts off appearing to follow the same sort of trajectory, don’t worry. There are plot twists aplenty as events progress. The key to enjoying these movies, however, is to just let go of judgment and just have fun with it. It's a fairytale full of the First World Problems of fictional royals, after all. 
I definitely want to tip my hat to Vanessa Hudgens (Polar, The Knight Before Christmas, Bad Boys for Life) for her triple roles here. Each character was nuanced and distinct, even while switching with each other. She evoked changes in carriage, demeanor, and speech that were each unique. You don’t often find actors that can pull that off so flawlessly. Of course, there are a few outstanding examples – such as Tatiana Maslany’s (Destroyer, 3Below: Tales of Arcadia, Perry Mason) 14 on-screen clones in Orphan Black (2013-2017).

Thankfully, Hudgens only had to juggle 3 look-alikes.  I find she’s often underrated as an actor, due to her beginnings with Disney, appearances in movies such as this, as well as off-the-wall projects. All the same, she’s one of those that I’d watch, regardless of the nature of the project she’s involved with.
I digress…
The settings and scenery were gorgeous and on-point. I loved the decorations and the whole movie just exuded the spirit of the holidays. I was also blown away by the costuming – especially for the coronation.

According to IMDb, there seems to be a third movie in the works. I have no idea how the production team is going to raise the bar without too much redundancy in the concept – but I’m eagerly anticipating finding out what they have up their sleeves.
As for The Princess Switch: Switched Again, this is the perfect movie to watch while curled up with a cozy blanket and a mug of hot cocoa. In fact, I’m probably going to get my husband to scare up some firewood so we can light the fireplace and I can watch this film again with my daughter. If you enjoyed the first movie, I’d wholeheartedly recommend watching this sequel. If you haven’t seen The Princess Switch (2018), maybe it’s time for a double-feature night!

Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score – 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score – 40%
Metascore – None
Metacritic User Score – None
IMDB Score – 5.3/10
Trust the Dice: Cat’s Rating – 4/5
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