Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Scary Stories from BOO-Tube

It’s a tradition for us to bring  our readers a month of spooky content in October every year. While this year is far different, due to the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, we still want to shine a light on some fun chills and thrills for you to enjoy in this haunting time leading up to All Hallows Eve. It occurred to me that I knew the perfect addition for this year. Let’s call it BOO-Tube. That’s right – there is a dark and spooky corner of YouTube content that spans several genres. There are channels dedicated to investigating the paranormal, creepy found footage, independent short films, and even a treasure trove of scary stories.
It's the latter that I’m bringing you today. This is a compilation of 13 videos spanning channels dedicated to telling scary stories – most of them “allegedly true.” These tales of terror are sourced through Reddit, subscriber submissions, and whatnot. I searched up some specifically Halloween-dedicated or themed content and have compiled the best of what I found below. Each of these channels has curated their own brand of creep-factor perfect for the Spooky Season.
These videos are listed in order of length from shortest to longest.

If Halloween and all things creepy are your jam, we hope this fits the bill!

(1) Thriller Teller : 1 Story, 5 minutes
This channel provides scary stories that they have animated themselves. The content creator narrates the stories they have brought to life on the screen. Honestly, the quality of this animation is generally better than most of the similar “animated scary stories” channels.
(2) Scary Hours : 3 Stories, 13 minutes

This channel provides narrated stories with thematic scenery videos and an ambient score. These stories are not animated.
(3) Twisted Tales : 3 Stories, 14 minutes

This channel also provides narrated stories over thematic images and an ambient musical score.
(4) MJV Animations : 3 Stories, 15 minutes

This channel is one that provides their own animations of the stories they narrate.
(5) Mr. Nightmare : 3 Stories, 19 minutes

This is the first of 2 videos I’ve included from this channel. These stories are narrated with an ambient score and thematic video clips. Mr. Nightmare’s content is not animated.
(6) Mort : 6 Stories, 30 minutes

This channel also provides animations for the stories that they narrate.
(7) Martin Animations : 7 Stories, 31 minutes

This is another channel that provides their own animations for their narrated stories. Unlike some, this one also provides a breakdown in the description for the time-markers for each story. The stories aren’t described there, just numbered, however.
(8) Mr. Nightmare : 8 Stories, 32 minutes

This is the 2nd offering I’ve listed from this channel. As with the other video, this is not animated but does provide some spooky thematic music and video clips in the background of the narrated stories.
(9) Swamp Dweller : 5 Stories, 39 minutes

This channel focuses primarily on the narrated story rather than the visuals within the video. The title card remains throughout and there is a bit of rain as a background score.
(10) Lets Read! : 6 Stories, 55 minutes

This channel provides a spooky Halloween Jack-o-lantern as an ambient animation loop with a complementing spooky score.
(11) Booze and Boos : 8 Stories, 56 minutes

This video uses ambient rain audio as a background for these scary stories and gives us another Jack-o-lantern clip on loop.
(12) Darkness Prevails : 11 Stories, 1 hour 2 minutes

Once more, we have 2 video offerings from a single channel. These were from last year and this channel hasn’t released any new content for 2023. However, if you like these compilations, perhaps keep checking in with their listings and they might publish something new for this season. This video has a backdrop of ambiance animated videos and an eerie score. The stories, themselves, are not animated.
(13) Darkness Prevails: 25 Stories, 3rhs 55 minutes

This final video also sports an animated loop of a candle-lit Jack-o-lantern with ambient instrumental music in the background.