Saturday, March 14, 2020

Free Entertainment for Lockdown/Quarantine

Trust the Dice Readers;

We will be continuing our series of reviews on films currently in theaters shortly. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, but it may take a month or more.

The movie on the schedule for today was The Hunt (2020), but I am currently in a voluntary lockdown in order to take part in the social distancing suggested by health officials to slow down the spread of COVID-19. I am located in a part of New York that is seeing a lot of cases of the coronavirus and we’re trying to stay safe. As a result, I cannot make it to the theaters for the time being.

As soon as I can start up with screenings again, we will be continuing the series of reviews targeting movies currently in theaters.

Me and Cat always work from home, so we’ll be continuing to post to Trust the Dice as long as both of us remain well enough to do so. For the time being, we will stick to reviews for films and shows that are easily found through streaming services.

If you do not have the money to continue with your current subscriptions, here is a list of free sites for entertainment of all kinds:

Crackle – No sign-up required. Must pause ad-blocker.
ConTV – Sign up required for SOME things.
TubiTV – No sign-up required. Must pause ad-blocker.
PlutoTV – No sign-up required.
Top Documentary Films – Documentaries. Mostly forwards you to YouTube.
Vudu – Has a free section. Requires sign-up.
RetrovisionTV – Classic TV/Movies only. Mostly pre-1960s. No sign-up required.
SnagFilms – Documentaries/Indie Films mostly. No sign-up required.
CWTV – CW TV channel, currently running shows. No sign-up required. Must pause ad-blocker.
CWSeed – CW TV channel, archived TV content. No sign-up required. Must pause ad-blocker.
Hoopla – Library-related. Must have account and library card.

Funimation – Must sign-up. Must pause ad-blocker.
Myanimelist – No sign-up required.
Crunchyroll – No sign-up required. Some limitations without subscription.

Bookbub – Has free ebooks available. Requires Amazon sign-in, but Prime is not needed.
Project Gutenberg – No sign-up required.
Open Library – Sign-up required, but has a lot of popular books scanned from physical copies. 5 book limit.
Google eBookstore – Google email address required. Has a large free selection.
ManyBooks – Sign-up required (can use google or facebook).
LibriVox – Audiobooks. No sign-up required. You can volunteer as a reader.
International Children’s Digital Library – Children’s books. No sign-up required. Scans of physical books.

Video Games
Steam – Has a large free selection. App required with sign-up (both free). – No sign-up required. – Donations suggested, but not required. No sign-up required.

If you’re in an area affected by COVID-19, I do hope that you are keeping safe. Remember to stay alert, not anxious. Don’t get your facts from the media, get them from the CDC and licensed medical professionals. Try not to watch the numbers, either. They can be misleading. Remember to be kind and don’t take more than you need. If you have enough, make sure your neighbors do too. Check in on your elderly family members, as well. This is a terrifying time for them.

For more information, I find that Doctor Mike is really offering the best, and most stable, updates that you can get from a friendly (and qualified) face.

I hope that you and yours get through this time safe and sane.

Selina Tropiano

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