Monday, September 30, 2013

eCupid (2011)

Number Rolled: 45
Movie Name/Year: eCupid (2011)
Genre: Romance
Length: 94 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: J. C. Calciano
Writer: J. C. Calciano
Actors: Andy Anderson, John Callahan, Galen Drever, Morgan Fairchild, Joe Komara, Matt Lewis, Mike C. Manning, Brad Pennington, Houston Rhines, Matthew Gittelson, George Gray, Peter A. O’Riordan, Gary Riotto, Chris Rubeiz, Noah Schuffman, Scott Pretty

Marshall has been with his boyfriend for seven years. In that time, he’s become a bit bored with life. His job sucks, his boyfriend is always tired and he’s just generally in a rut. One night, while his boyfriend sleeps, he comes across a site that promises to find him true love: eCupid. He signs up and the site begins to take over his life.

This movie plays on the fear of everyone in a good relationship: that things will get stale. A lot of movies utilize that common fear for their stories and most of them have the same exact recipe as a result. “eCupid,” is no different.

The acting wasn’t really all that great and the story was – for the most part – unoriginal; despite that, there were definitely parts of it that I enjoyed. The dynamic they created with the sentient computer program almost gave the movie a depth to it that suggested it could turn into a thriller at any moment. It didn’t, mind you, but that feeling that it could was pretty cool. There were also plenty of laughs throughout the film.

Unfortunately, I know I liked this movie more than I should have, and I have to take that into account. Not a single actor throughout the entire movie was even remotely believable and there were aspect of the story that just didn’t quite add up.

Overall Opinion – 2.5/5

The Random Rating: PG-13 for crude/suggestive humor and explicit language

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