Monday, August 19, 2013

Wilderness Survival for Girls (2004)

Number Rolled: 54
Movie Name/Year: Wilderness Survival for Girls (2004)
Genre: Thriller
Length: 78 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Eli B. Despres, Kim Roberts
Writer: Eli B. Despres, Kim Roberts
Actors: Jeanette Brox, Megan Henning, Ali Humiston, James Morrison

Three girls (Ruth, Deb and Kate), go to a mountain cabin for a weekend getaway. While there, they get high and discuss why the cabin hasn’t been in use for several years. When a stranger, Ed, shows up, paranoia takes over.

I’ve written a lot about disagreeing with the majority of critics. Normally, it’s about when they pan a movie that I wind up loving; this time it’s the other way around. Although this movie didn’t seem to do too badly on the sites I tend to frequent, I wound up finding it completely pointless. I didn’t hate it, per-say, I simply saw no reason for it to exist.

Bored is an understatement. I felt like I was watching this movie for two years straight. Where it’s considered a thriller, this move fails without any doubt in my mind. I felt absolutely no connection to any of the actors and the script was terrible.

78 minutes of nothing is just too long to sit down and watch. The only silver lining is that I never have to watch it again.

Overall Opinion – 1/5

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