Monday, May 27, 2013

My Little Eye (2002)

Number Rolled: 72
Movie Name/Year: My Little Eye (2002)
Genre: Horror
Length: 95 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Marc Evans
Writer: David Hilton, James Watkins
Actors: Sean CW Johnson, Kris Lemche, Stephen ‘Reilly, Laura Regan, Jennifer Sky, Bradley Cooper, Nick Mennell

In the age of reality television shows, this movie was made to depict five people who sign up to live in a house for six months without outside contact. The great prize is a million dollars, but only if they all remain in the house for the entire time. If one person leaves, they all lose. We come in on the story only a few days before the six month period is up and find that they are all coping just fine. At least, at that point.

The first forty-five minutes of this movie is unbearable. Unnecessary shaky cam, unnecessary blurred angles, boring script. In fact, it’s a bit like watching the uncut footage of an actual reality show. Imagine it, if you will, just a play by play of the actors eating and going to the bathroom and sleeping and talking about nothing. No drama, no horror, nothing worth watching until just about the half-way point in the movie. To be honest, this movie would have been much more successful if they’d cut about a half hour of footage out of it.

Once I got past that terrible first half, the movie started to pick up; there were interesting twist, character development, and the horror aspect started to take effect. I loved the middle and the ending a great deal.

It’s weird. I don’t know if the amazing second half of the movie was enough to overpower the horrible first half. In fact, the balance is so strange that I can even decide if I liked the movie at all. There were equal parts bad and good. I can’t even go to the actors to decide, because they were mostly all mediocre. I love Kris Lemche, but this wasn’t his best performance. It’s like the actors did just enough to portray their characters, but not enough to truly bring them to life.

In the end, this movie failed to make me care. It even failed to make me care that I don’t care.

Overall Opinion – 2/5

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