Friday, May 10, 2013

2012: Ice Age (2011)

Number Rolled: 54
Movie Name/Year: 2012: Ice Age (2011)
Genre: Action & Adventure
Length: 91 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: Travis Fort
Writer: Paul Sinor, Victoria Dadi
Actors: Patrick Labyorteaux, Julie McCullough, Katie Wilson, Nick Afanasiev, Kyle Morris, Cedric Scott, Chacko Vadaketh, Ted Monte, David Light, Gerald Webb, Sean Cory

A volcanic eruption knocks a large piece of glacier loose and sends in on a path of destruction that runs over every land mass it comes in contact with. It winds up on a path to New York. Bill Hart learns of this and grabs his family to go on a rescue mission to New York in order to get his daughter. The trip is fraught with “unexpected” obstacles.

I love disaster movies. Aliens, weather, war, zombies; the subject doesn’t matter quite as much as the disaster part, at least in my eyes. However, this movie was just painful to sit through. The only good I was really able to bring out of it is that it’s one of those B movies that are so bad, I just had to laugh.

I’m not going to remark too much on the graphics, because it was obviously low-budget. I’ve see much better graphics from low-budget films, but 2012: Ice Age didn’t have the worst. The acting was reminiscent of what you might see at a high school play and the script wasn’t all too believable to begin with.

Considering the title of the movie, I have to assume that the people who made it were trying to capitalize on the big end-of-the-world, Mayan, thing that was taking place. Really, this movie was just unnecessary. I don’t mind recipe films, but this one didn’t lead to a good final product. It was an attempt at becoming what “The Day After Tomorrow” was; a failed attempt.

I always have high hopes for my B-movies. This was just another disappointment.

Overall Opinion – 1/5

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