Friday, September 28, 2012

Angus (1995)

Number Rolled: 8
Movie Name/Year: Angus (1995)
Genre: Drama
Length: 90 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Director: Patrick Read Johnson
Writer: Chris Crutcher, Jill Gordon
Actors: Charlie Talbert, George C. Scott, Kathy Bates, James Van Der Beek, Rita Moreno, Ariana Richards

I love this movie. I must have said it nine times while watching the movie with my boyfriend and being my normal annoying self. I was 15 when this movie came out and, as a fat kid in high school myself, this movie was like a ray of hope that things really do get better.

Angus is a fat kid with the name of a cow. Insert him into high school with a big-eared dorky best friend, a crush on a cheerleader and a mortal enemy in the head quarterback and you have an instant 80’s movie. True, this movie was a bit too late to be 80’s but it’s better than it sounds. The humor and the dialog was all 90’s.

I think sometimes kids need this kind of movie. They need someone to say, “Listen to these words and live by them, fuck ‘em. Who cares what anybody thinks?” Too often I’ve been in situations where I couldn’t be myself simply because of the people around me. Too often I’ve seen someone not go for what they wanted because it was out of society’s norm or because they thought they were too fat, or too ugly, or too stupid. Movies like this actually show kids that it’s ok to be who they are, and they do it while making you laugh until you can’t breathe. To me, that’s an automatic 5.

Overall Opinion – 5/5

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