Friday, April 29, 2022

Top 20 Movies to Look Out For In May (2022)

 According to Cat

20 - Breath (5/3)

Production/Distribution: Real Dreams Entertainment, Uncork'd Entertainment
Director: John Real
Writers: Adriana Marzagalli, John Real
Actors: James Cosmo, Rachel Daigh, Neb Chupin
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Rated: Unrated
Length: 1h 46min
IMDb Blurb: Lara Winslet is an expert geologist in volcanology. She is together with her team of work on a volcano to conduct surveys. At the end of a working day, Lara decides to stay a little longer to finish an exam and she remains so alone. Returning, she has an accident, falling inside a hole in the ground and remains blocked inside there, where no one can neither see nor hear her. This experience will lead her to take an examination of her whole life and to think of her daughter.
I have long been fascinated with volcanoes. I read a book when I was little about the Indonesian island of Krakatoa that completely blew up with a major eruption, and I was hooked. I mentioned during our trailer stream about my volcano science fair project – it won 3rd place for whatever grade level I was in middle school. I digress. My point is that I enjoy watching and reading just about anything on the subject. If not for a few decisions here and there in my life, I might have been a geologist. Breath caught my attention immediately with its premise for that reason.
Then, of course, I noticed James Cosmo (Game of Thrones, Outlaw King, Skylines) is playing the father and my hopes and expectations ramped up a bit more.
The small cast and limited setting productions have a hard job in capturing and holding an audience’s attention – especially when you’re in such an austere environment as a volcanic crevasse. The trailer gave me hope for this survival tale – even if I believe I’ve already figured out the ending. I want to know, though, if I got it right. Even so, the concept of being trapped on an active volcano adds an undercurrent of tension that will help to keep audiences on the edge of their seat. I don’t expect, however, to see flashy eruptions like in the recent movie Skyfire (2021).
I feel like I want to give lead Rachel Daigh (Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, The Music Box, Books of Blood) and Sicilian director John Real (Feel the Dead, The Music Box, Obsessio) a chance to tell this story.
Breath will have a digital release, so you can watch it right away On Demand.
19 - Downton Abbey: A New Era (5/20)

Production/Distribution: Universal Pictures, Carnival Film & Television, Focus Features, United International Pictures, Universal Pictures Argentina, Universal Pictures International
Director: Simon Curtis
Writer: Julian Fellowes
Actors: Allen Leech, Brendan Coyle, Charlie Watson, David Robb, Dominic West, Douglas Reith, Elizabeth McGovern, Fifi Hart, Harry Hadden-Paton, Hugh Bonneville, Hugh Dancy, Imelda Staunton, Jim Carter, Joanne Froggatt, Jonathan Coy, Jonathan Zaccaï, Kevin Doyle, Laura Carmichael, Laura Haddock, Lesley Nicol, Maggie Smith, Michael Fox,  Michelle Dockery, Nathalie Baye, Penelope Wilton, Phyllis Logan, Raquel Cassidy, Robert James-Collier, Samantha Bond, Sophie McShera, Sue Johnston, Tuppence Middleton
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rated: PG
Length: 2h 5min
IMDb Blurb: Follow-up to the 2019 feature film in which the Crawley family and Downton staff received a royal visit from the King and Queen of Great Britain.
I feel I must, once again, begin with a confession that I’ve not watched the Downton Abbey (2010-2015) series. This is not from any lack of desire or act of avoidance – my to-watch list is long and there is only so much time to go around. This is precisely the sort of period piece that I adore…especially when you factor in my love of dry British humor.
Just as Downton Abbey (2019) appeared on my personal list when it was released before, this Downton Abbey: A New Era is worth some mention amidst the titles releasing in May.
Why you ask? I could give a single response – that Dame Maggie Smith (The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Sherlock Gnomes, A Boy Called Christmas) graces the screen again – and call it a day. There’s more to it than that, however.
The trailer for this new Downton addition tickled my fancy with the promise of layers of story and the intrigue of mystery. It seems to be set up to appeal to a wider audience spectrum.
Downton Abbey: A New Era is releasing to theaters and then will arrive on the Peacock streaming platform after 45 days.
18 - A Perfect Pairing (5/19)

Production/Distribution: DAE Light Media, Front Row Films, Hoodlum Entertainment, Netflix
Director: Stuart McDonald         
Writers: Hilary Galanoy, Elizabeth Hackett
Actors: Adam Demos, Britt Goodwin, Emma Kate Lawrence, Korey Williams, Nicholas Brown, Samantha Tolj, Tracie Filmer, Victoria Justice
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rated: TV-PG
Length: 1h 41min
IMDb Blurb: It follows a hard-driving LA wine-company executive who travels to an Australian sheep station to land a major client and there she ends up working as a ranch hand and sparking with a rugged local.
I am a sucker for interesting accents. Australian just happens to be my 3rd favorite behind Irish and Scottish. That’s not the only reason to like or want to enjoy A Perfect Pairing, however.
First, I feel I must note that Hallmark Channel released a film back in January called The Perfect Pairing (2022). This movie has absolutely nothing to do with that production aside from the similar name and the play on words mixing wine and romance. Just be careful when you’re searching this up on your streaming platforms.
Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about A Perfect Pairing.
Netflix seems to really enjoy turning out rom-coms. I’m not going to complain, though. I tend to enjoy them more often than not. Like reading a racy romance novel, they’re a guilty pleasure. Some are more cheesy than others – but who doesn’t like a good cheese board with a great wine? (I couldn’t resist.)
I have a little more faith in A Perfect Pairing than the average romance flick because I think this movie has a winning team. I’ve generally enjoyed watching Victoria Justice (Victorious, Summer Night, Afterlife of the Party) in the past.  Adam Demos (Cooped Up, UnREAL, Sex/Life), who plays the rugged romantic interest in A Perfect Pairing, also portrayed a similar character in Falling Inn Love (2019). The same writing team has penned the screenplay for this film. It might be a similar recipe, but hey it baked up into something yummy before.
Another element I’m looking forward to with A Perfect Pairing is that Justice doesn’t shy away from the physical comedy. The trailer promised lots of giggles – I’m just hoping that it didn’t include ALL of them and some laughs are unspoiled.
You can find A Perfect Pairing streaming on Netflix after its release.
17 - Along for the Ride (5/6)

Production/Distribution: Screen Arcade, Netflix
Director: Sofia Alvarez
Writers: Sofia Alvarez, Sarah Dessen
Actors: Andie MacDowell, Dermot Mulroney, Alisa Harris, Andrew Dicostanzo, Ashleigh Moore, Belmont Cameli, David S. Bridson, Emma Pasarow, Genevieve Hannelius, Hannah Michelle, Isaac Lee, Jenique Bennett, Kate Bosworth, Kelsey Rose Healey, Laura Kariuki, Maggie Arias, Marcus Scribner, Paul Karmiryan, Ricardo Hurtado, Samia Finnerty
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rated: TV-14
Length: 1h 46min
IMDb Blurb: The summer before college Auden meets the mysterious Eli, a fellow insomniac. While the seaside town of Colby sleeps, the two embark on a nightly quest to help Auden experience the fun, carefree teen life she never knew she wanted.
I was so disappointed when Along for the Ride was delayed – I was looking forward to watching it on Netflix in April. Due to the one-month bump, however, I am able to share with you why I want to watch it this time.
I can relate to Along for the Ride on so many levels. Due to a myriad of reasons, I was locked inside this shell for most of my life. I was bookish in the literal and figurative sense. It wasn’t until towards the end of my high school career that I finally broke out and felt the freedom to be myself. Those sort of stories really resonates with me. For no other reason, that would make me want to give Along for the Ride a chance.
This movie has more than its theme going for it, however. Honestly, as soon as I saw Andie MacDowell (Breaking at the Edge, Ready or Not, Maid) and Dermot Mulroney (Deadly Illusions, Hanna, Agent Game) were attached to play the parents of the lead character, I was sold. I adore them both.
I also like to see fresh faces and root for them to be breakthrough performances. Emma Pasarow (Touch, Am I OK?, Super Pumped) and Belmont Cameli (The Husband, Most Guys Are Losers, Saved by the Bell) have relatively short bodies of work so far. Along for the Ride is an opportunity to shine and step out of obscurity if this production goes over well. Their on-screen chemistry was on point in the trailer so I have hope.
Not only is this Sofia Alvarez’s (Man Seeking Woman, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You) directorial debut, but she also wrote the screenplay. We’ve loved her work in the past so I am excited to see her vision for this story translate from the page to the screen. She didn’t pen the original story for this narrative, however. Along for the Ride is an adaptation by the book of the same name by Sarah Dessen. I have not read her work so, unfortunately, am unable to advise how well this story reflects the original written word.
Along for the Ride is releasing to Netflix.
16 - The Innocents (5/13)

Production/Distribution: Mer Film, Zentropa International Sweden, Snowglobe Films, Bufo, Don't Look Now, Film i Väst, Logical Pictures, Zefyr Media Fund, Yleisradio, DR, Norsk Filminstitutt, Det Danske Filminstitut, Finnish Film Foundation, Svenska Filminstitutet, Nordisk Film- & TV-Fond, Eurimages, Protagonist Pictures, Capelight Pictures, Cherry Pickers Filmdistributie, Shaw Organisation, Activers Entertainment, Alambique Filmes, Cooray Films, IFC Midnight, KinoVista, Koch Media, Longride, MK2 Mile End, Rialto Distribution, Rialto Entertainment, Signature Entertainment, Spentzos Films, Vértigo Films
Director: Eskil Vogt
Writer: Eskil Vogt
Actors: Alva Brynsmo Ramstad, Birgit Nordby, Ellen Dorrit Petersen, Georg Grøttjord-Glenne, Irina Eidsvold Tøien, Kadra Yusuf, Kim Atle Hansen, Lisa Tønne, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Mina Yasmin Bremseth Asheim, Morten Svartveit, Nor Erik Vaagland Torgersen, Rakel Lenora Fløttum, Sam Ashraf
Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Rated: Unrated
Length: 1h 58min
IMDb Blurb: During the bright Nordic summer, a group of children reveal their dark and mysterious powers when the adults aren't looking. In this original and gripping supernatural thriller, playtime takes a dangerous turn.
There’s a lot to unpack from the trailer for The Innocents.
It didn’t matter that the characters were speaking Norwegian, and I was reading subtitles. I didn’t feel the disconnect that sometimes comes with a foreign film in that manner – it sucked me right in and I was immediately invested. I’m not sure which element grabbed me the most, but I’m all in.
I found the premise fascinating. Most kids have imaginary friends growing up. This story makes me wonder if this is really a tale of gifted kids with a figment coming to life and sharing the experience – or if something is collectively taking advantage of these girls.
There’s an on-the-nose play on words with the title here, as well. For most of the young cast members, this is their very first role. They are innocent going into this industry. I’m curious if this was writer/director Eskil Vogt’s (Reprise, The Worst Person in the World, Blind) design or if it just ended up that way by chance after the casting process.
Regardless, it does seem special that Ellen Dorrit Petersen (Handle with Care, Thelma, Three Wishes for Cinderella) gets to share her actual daughter’s first on-screen experience. Rakel Lenora Fløttum, playing Ida, is her child – now both on and off-screen.
I have so many burning questions that I’m dying to have answered by watching The Innocents. It will be released to a limited theater run as well as On Demand digital platforms.
15 - There Are No Saints (5/27)

Production/Distribution: BN Films, Itaca Films, Latam Pictures, Open Window Productions, Saban Films, Defiant Screen Entertainment, Premiere Entertainment Group, Première TV Distribution
Director: Alfonso Pineda Ulloa
Writer: Paul Schrader
Actors: Ron Perlman, Neal McDonoughk, Brian Cox, Tommy Flanagan, Shannyn Sossamon, Tim Roth, Paz Vega, Karla Souza, José María Yazpik, Keidrich Sellati, Horacio Garcia Rojas, Gary Carlos Cervantes, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Kristyan Ferrer, Rachel Noll James, Armando Hernández, Brian Glanney, Michael Caden, Vincent Rivera, Álex Perea, Ari Brickman, Gabriel Santoyo, Leticia Fabián, John Gilbert, Natália Subtil, Ricardo Mestre
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
Rated: R
Length: 1h 45min
IMDb Blurb: A man nicknamed "the Jesuit," is imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. When his wife is murdered and his son kidnapped and taken to Mexico, he devises an elaborate and dangerous plan to rescue his son and avenge the murder.
I am curious as to why the main character’s nickname is “The Jesuit,” however, that is neither here nor there. I would want to watch There Are No Saints with or without my curiosity on that topic.
There Are No Saints looks like it will be one brutal wild ride of an action and crime thriller if the trailer is an accurate depiction.
Even though I could already pretty much guess the plot and the general outcome of the movie, There Are No Saints promises to be solid entertainment along the way.
Can we talk about the cast? There’s a veritable hit-parade in this lineup, featuring Tim Roth (The Hateful Eight, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Sundown), Tommy Flanagan (Sons of Anarchy, Wu Assassins, The Wave), Neal McDonough (Monsters of Man, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, The Flash), Brian Cox (The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Succession, Blade Runner: Black Lotus), Shannyn Sossamon (Sinister 2, Wayward Pines, Ghost Light), and Paz Vega (The OA, Rambo: Last Blood, Wetland). I’m also super excited to see Ron Perlman (Pacific Rim, Nightmare Alley, Don't Look Up) in this one. (This is a busy month for him.) While I’m not familiar with José María Yazpik (Fighting for Freedom, Everybody Loves Somebody, Narcos: Mexico) yet, I have a feeling I may just be a fan after this movie. (No, I didn’t watch Narcos (2015-2017).)
There Are No Saints is set to release to theaters as well as digital On Demand services.
14 - Around the World in 80 Days (5/6)

Production/Distribution: Cottonwood Media, StudioCanal, France 3 Cinéma, Umedia, uFund, Indéfilms 8, SG Image 2018, Cinécap 3, Cinémage 14, Palatine Etoile 17, Sofica Manon 10, 22h22, Canal+, France Télévisions, OCS, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée, Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral Belge, Procirep/Angicoa, Circus, Mac Guff Ligne, Blitz, Blue Lantern Entertainment International, Impuls Pictures, Joyncontents Group, Monolith Films, Movie Cloud, NOS Audiovisuais, New Guys / Red Cape Distribution, SF Film Finland, SF Norge A/S, Selim Ramia & Sons, Shaw Organisation, Spentzos Films, StudioCanal Germany, StudioCanal, Svensk Filmindustri, Vertical Entertainment, Vertigo Releasing, Viva Pictures, Volga Film Ukraine, Volga, Filmarti, Hoyts Distribution, Hoyts, NOS Audiovisuais
Director: Samuel Tourneux
Writers: Gerry Swallow, Jules Verne, David Michel, Derek Dressler
Actors: Damien Frette, Julien Crampon, Kaycie Chase, Céline Ronté, Véronique Augereau, Emmanuel Garijo, Gabriel Le Doze, Serge Biavan, Michaël Aragones, Grégory Quidel, Rob Tinkler, Cory Doran, Katie Griffin, Heather Bambrick, Shoshana Sperling, Juan Chioran, Brandon McGibbon, Jamie Watson, Deven Christian Mack, Stephany Seki, Raphael Alejandro, Gwen La Roka, Madi Monroe, Aida Rodriguez
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Rated: PG
Length: 1h 22min
IMDb Blurb: A bookish marmoset embarks on a wild adventure to travel around the planet in 80 days after accepting a challenge from a greedy frog.
I’ve read thatAround the World in 80 Days is catching a lot of flack for the creative license taken with this adaptation of Jules Verne’s work. Some have said that it isn’t recognizable as such outside of some of the character names. I get that this is intended to be a fun romp of fantasy with critters in the roles instead of people – why not shake things up a little bit by tweaking the character roles as well?
I might be changing my tune after watching Around the World in 80 Days if it doesn’t live up to my expectations – however, I must tell you, they aren’t very high.
Around the World in 80 Days looks like a fun family movie. My advice is just turn off your noggin, enjoy some popcorn and go along for the ride. Sadly, this film has been scheduled for the same release date as the latest Marvel movie so I’m not sure how it’s going to fare with such competition at the box office.
Around the World in 80 Days will have a limited theater release. On Demand or streaming details are not clear at this time.
13 - Family Camp (5/13)

Production/Distribution: Provident Films, Reserve Entertainment, Skit Guys Studios, Aldgate Insurance Services, Fintage CAM
Director: Brian Cates
Writers: Brian Cates, Rene Gutteridge
Actors: Cece Kelly, Eddie James, Elias Kemuel, Gigi Orsillo, Jacob M Wade, Keslee Blalock, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Robert Amaya, Tommy Woodard, Heather Land, Myke Holmes, Weston Vrooman, Brandon Potter, Clayton Royal Johnson, David Acuff, Joshua Jones
Genre: Comedy, Family
Rated: PG
Length: 1h 51min
IMDb Blurb: When two polar-opposite families are forced to camp together, the dads struggle to hold onto their families and marriages as they compete for the coveted camp trophy.
The trailer for Family Camp had me giggling. This is definitely a movie that made my list this month on potential entertainment value alone. OK, mostly.
I really only recognize one cast member - Leigh-Allyn Baker (Good Luck Charlie, Little Savages, Misfits). I love her work with the Disney network, so I have faith in a solid comedic performance from her. That being said, I think the premise of a misfit family going to church camp offers plenty of material for hilarity to ensue. I would still likely have wanted to see Family Camp even if I didn’t recognize a single member of the production.
Family Camp is getting a theater release. On Demand or streaming details are not clear at this time.
12 - Sneakerella (5/13)

Production/Distribution: Disney Channel, Disney+, Jane Startz Productions
Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum
Writers: David Light, Joseph Raso, George Gore II, Tamara Chestna, Mindy Stern
Actors: Bryan Terrell Clark, Chosen Jacobs, Devyn Nekoda, John Salley, Kolton Stewart, Lexi Underwood, Logan Thompson, Lovina Yavari, Tara Nicodemo, Yvonne Senat Jones, Mif, Juan Chioran, Robyn Alomar, Hayward Leach, Robert J. Tavenor, Keethan Krish,
Levi Dombokah, Mekdes Teshome, Michael Madonis, Navi Dhanoa
Genre: Comedy, Family, Musical
Rated: Unrated
Length: 1h 30min
IMDb Blurb: A modern twist on Cinderella set in New York City's Sneaker culture.
The story of Cinderella is one that gets re-told often. This time, however, Disney is putting a significant flip to this script. Not only do we have a gender swap for the title role in Sneakerella, but rather than the shoe drawing the focus of the last half of the story – this entire tale focuses on foot fashion.
I’m intrigued to find out how this all plays out in comparison to a more traditional version.
While I’m not really a sneakerhead, myself, I enjoyed the trailer and am excited to catch this one when Sneakerella hits Disney+.  

11 - Shepherd (5/6)

Production/Distribution: Golden Crab Film Production, Kindred Film, Darkland Distribution, Saban Films
Director: Russell Owen
Writer: Russell Owen
Actors: Gaia Weiss, Greta Scacchi, Jamie Marie Leary, Kate Dickie, Tom Hughes
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Rated: R
Length: 1h 43min
IMDb Blurb: A young Scottish shepherd, following the death of his unfaithful wife, fights to maintain his own sanity when the past catches up to him.
I think I’ve already mentioned I’m a sucker for a Scottish accent, right? Well, Shepherd is steeped with them and it makes this ginger’s heart happy. The story within the movie of Shepherd is anything but joyful, however.  
The trailer weaves a tale of loss and, perhaps, madness. How much going on is supernatural and how much is in the titular character’s head? I’m dying to unravel this mystery.
With a small cast and isolated setting for this production, this team has a daunting task to pull off a gripping and immersive narrative. They’re set up for success with the likes of Tom Hughes (Red Joan, A Discovery of Witches, Infinite) and Kate Dickie (Game of Thrones, Tell it to the Bees, The Green Knight) as key players.
Shepherd is releasing in theaters. On Demand or streaming details are not clear at this time.

10 - Good Mourning (5/20)

Production/Distribution: Cedar Park Studios, Raven Capital Management, Briarcliff Entertainment, Open Road Films
Directors: Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun
Writers: Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun
Actors: Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, Dove Cameron, Mod Sun, Pete Davidson, Whitney Cummings, Becky G., Andrew Ortenberg, Gata, Jenna Boyd, Matthew Jayson Cwern, Mercy Malick, Michael Heidemann, Zach Villa
Genre: Comedy
Rated: Unrated
Length: 1h 23min
IMDb Blurb: Follows London Clash, a movie star whose world is turned upside down when he must choose between pursuing his one true love and landing a life-changing, starring role in a major motion picture.
Machine Gun Kelly (Bird Box, The Dirt, The Last Son) is teaming up with fellow musician and collaborator Mod Sun (Bashira, Measure of Revenge, Downfalls High) for their joint full-length feature writing and directorial debut. Both have quite a bit of experience with the director’s chair when it comes to music videos. I’m interested in what their joint efforts (I’m really not trying to pun here) will turn out for the dark and quirky comedy Good Mourning.
Colson Baker (Machine Gun Kelly’s real name) got my attention as an actor with his portrayal of Crash in Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2 (2016) and I’ve enjoyed his work since then. Whether or not you like his music, I think he’s got a lot to offer with his acting across various genres. I think Good Mourning serves to give us a peek into what he can offer to comedy.
If the trailer was any indication, Good Mourning will be quite the wild and wacky trip (that one was on purpose).
There are a good number of recognizable faces among the Good Mourning cast as well. Megan Fox (Rogue, Till Death, Big Gold Brick), Pete Davidson (The Jesus Rolls, The Suicide Squad, Bodies Bodies Bodies), Dove Cameron (Dumplin', The Angry Birds Movie 2, Schmigadoon!), and Becky G (Power Rangers, Gnome Alone, A-X-L) all have notable roles. I even saw Danny Trejo (American Horror Stories, American Sicario, The Book of Boba Fett) in the trailer. I’ll be honest – I’d watch Good Mourning just to see Trejo’s part. The fact that the trailer was generally entertaining was the icing on the cake.
Good Mourning is set to release to theaters as well as digital On Demand services.
9 - The Bob's Burgers Movie (5/27)

Production/Distribution: 20th Century Studios, Fox Animation Studios, 20th Century Studios, Bento Box Entertainment, Buck & Millie Productions, Fox Family Films, Twentieth Century Animation, Twentieth Century Fox Animation, Wilo Productions, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disney+, HKC Entertainment, Kinomania, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Argentina, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Directors: Loren Bouchard, Bernard Derriman
Writers: Loren Bouchard, Jim Dauterive, Nora Smith
Actors: Aziz Ansari, Brian Huskey, Dan Mintz, David Herman, David Wain, Eugene Mirman, Eugene Shawn, Gary Cole, H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Kevin Kline, Kristen Schaal, Larry Murphy, Ron Lynch, Sam Seder, Stephanie Beatriz, Zach Galifianakis
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Rated: PG-13
Length: 1h 42min
IMDb Blurb: The Belchers try to save the restaurant from closing as a sinkhole forms in front of it, while the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family's restaurant.
I’ve got a confession to make. If you watched our trailer stream, you may already know what I’m going to say. I haven’t really watched Bob’s Burgers (2011-). I have caught snippets here and there and am generally aware of the premise, but haven’t delved into it yet. It is on my to-watch list, though! The arrival of this movie will likely be the catalyst to make that happen. I digress…
I don’t need to have seen the series, though, to appreciate why The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a notable mention among the May movie releases. They’ve been nominated for oodles of awards, and have won multiple – including Emmys. Beyond that, we can all use a little more humor in our lives while the world is on fire around us.
In delving a little deeper, I’ve discovered that the creative mind behind Bob’s Burgers, Loren Bouchard (Science Court, Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil, Central Park), was also the creator of Home Movies (1999-2004) and a long-time writer for Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (1995-2002). Given Bouchard’s body of work, I am about 99% certain I’m going to love all of this.
Considering how many seasons Bob’s Burgers has already been around, it is more likely that I will be watching the movie before I actually catch up on the series. I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t make a difference for its enjoyability factor. This could be a great vehicle for the franchise to draw in new viewership.
The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be released to theaters, but if you just can’t wait, it’s available on Roku to stream now.
8 - Men (5/20)

Production/Distribution: A24, DNA Films, VVS Films, Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, The Searchers
Director: Alex Garland
Writer: Alex Garland
Actors: Gayle Rankin, Jessie Buckley, Paapa Essiedu, Rory Kinnear
Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Rated: R
Length: 1h 40min
IMDb Blurb: A young woman goes on a solo vacation to the English countryside following the death of her ex-husband.
The trailer for Men gave me chills.
I have a lot of respect for Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation, Devs) as a writer and director. Men seems like the sort of psychological horror that will really strike a chord with its audiences. With a skilled storyteller such as Garland at the helm, I’d say we’re in for one hell of a ride.
The cast for Men is also something to get excited about. I absolutely adore Jessie Buckley (Chernobyl, Misbehaviour, The Lost Daughter) and Rory Kinnear’s (Penny Dreadful, iBoy, No Time to Die) work.
As Men has been described as a psychological horror, I’m curious as to how much of what is going on is actually in Buckley’s character’s head and how much is actually happening around and to her. Is there a supernatural element involved? These are answers only watching the movie will provide and I am here for it.
Men is currently set for theater release. Unfortunately, On Demand or streaming details are not clear at this time.
7 - Senior Year (5/13)

Production/Distribution: Broken Road Productions, CBS Films, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Players, Netflix
Director: Alex Hardcastle           
Writers: Brandon Scott Jones, Andrew Knauer, Arthur Pielli
Actors: Alicia Silverstone, Allie Nicole Szatmary, Angourie Rice, Ana Yi Puig, Avantika, Brandon Scott Jones, Chris Parnell, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Jade Bender, Joshua Colley, Justin Hartley, Lucy Taylor, Mary Holland, Maurice T Johnson, Merrick McCartha, Michael Cimino, Molly Brown, Rebel Wilson, Sam Richardson, Tiffany Denise Hobb, Tyler Barnhardt, Zaire Adams, Zoe Chao
Genre: Comedy
Rated: R
Length: 1h 51min
IMDb Blurb: A cheerleading stunt gone wrong landed her in a 20-year coma. Now she's 37, newly awake and ready to live out her high school dream: becoming prom queen.
I really enjoyed the trailer for Senior Year. The premise is really relatable (even if a bit far-fetched to actually happen in reality). If you were robbed of time due to a medical incident or accident such as the main character here was, wouldn’t you want to try and pick up where you left off when you recovered? Senior Year looks like a hilarious (if a little cringey) take on that concept.
The comparison of the ‘then’ and ‘now’ high school dynamics is also interesting. Of course, some things about school at any level never seem to change – but in the course of 20 years, it can certainly look very different.
I think Rebel Wilson (Pain & Gain, How to Be Single, The Hustle) gets a lot of flack because of her irreverent style of comedy, but I love her for it. Sometimes it’s cathartic to hear someone else say or do the crazy thing that social mores deems inappropriate. Often this works to great effect for her, though I do understand how sometimes her humor can come across as a little abrasive. This is an amazing story conceptually for her. I’m hoping the trailer didn’t give us all of her best moments and that there’s more to unpack here.
Alicia Silverstone (Valley Girl, Last Survivors, The Requin) is also involved with this teen comedy, and I’m over here flailing some pom-poms about that. It’s not clear what the Clueless (1995) queen’s role in the grand scheme of things is, but I can’t wait to find out.
Senior Year is also being touted as Alex Hardcastle’s (The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories, Grace and Frankie) cinematic directorial debut. This is certainly not his first time in the director’s chair, however. He’s got an extensive resume full of small-screen work. I’m curious to see how he fares with the expanded platform. (He is credited on IMDb for a TV Movie; however, all information on the production indicates it was a 2019 series pilot for Fox and it is unclear to me when or if it actually aired. I digress…)
Senior Year is hitting Netflix for its release, so you can stream it right away.
6 – Firestarter (5/13)

Production/Distribution: Blumhouse Productions, Angry Adam Productions, BoulderLight Pictures, Night Platform, Universal Pictures, Weed Road Pictures, United International Pictures, Universal Pictures International, Peacock
Director: Keith Thomas
Writers:  Scott Teems, Stephen King
Actors: Zac Efron, Michael Greyeyes, Danny Waugh, Darrin Maharaj, Gavin MacIver-Wright, Gloria Reuben, Isaac Murray, Kurtwood Smith, Lanette Ware, Neven Pajkic, Phi Huynh, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Shannon McDonough, Sydney Lemmon, Tina Jung, Vas Saranga
Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Rated: R
Length: 1h 50min
IMDb Blurb: A young girl tries to understand how she mysteriously gained the power to set things on fire with her mind.
I was torn as to where Firestarter should land on my list this month. I’m of two minds about this remake.
My initial reaction was to roll my eyes and sigh that yet another ’80s horror movie was getting rehashed. It seems like Hollywood is just determined to remake all of Stephen King’s (Carrie, The Outsider, The Stand) earlier works. I have to grudgingly admit that some of these new versions have been stunning and added new depth to the horror stories. Modern special effects upgrades can make a lot of difference. However, look what was accomplished with effects at the time! Why should we mess with that just because we can?
At the same time, I tell myself that for something like Firestarter with psychic powers and all the fire – the fresh chance to bring that to life has a lot of potential to be good in the right hands.
That brings up the question – is Firestarter in the right hands for this remake?
Zac Efron (The Greatest Showman, Human Discoveries, Gold) has proven himself to be a solid and profound performer and Ryan Kiera Armstrong (The Art of Racing in the Rain, The Tomorrow War, American Horror Story) already has a rather impressive acting dossier for one so young. I have a hard time seeing anyone taking over Drew Barrymore’s (Blended, Santa Clarita Diet, A Castle for Christmas) iconic role from 1984…but that’s where we are and I think Armstrong may just have the chops to do it. I’m also excited to see that Michael Greyeyes (Woman Walks Ahead, Blood Quantum, Wildhood) is playing Rainbird in this new version. The character in the book is indigenous and was whitewashed in the original movie. Here, we have Rainbird appropriately cast. Greyeyes, in addition to being a phenomenal actor in his own right, is a member of the Cherokee Nation.
At the same time, Keith Thomas (Arkane, The Vigil, I Disappear When You're Near) is a relatively untested director and this is his sophomore cinematic offering. His relatively short resume on IMDb credits only 1 other feature-length film, a short, and a music video prior to this project. His directorial debut film is sitting at a critic score of 90% currently on Rotten Tomatoes, but only in the 50% range for the audience score. I feel we should take that with a grain of salt, however. I’m all for giving someone a chance to do well with the production. So I’ve got my fingers crossed that he handles this story well.
Firestarter will release to theaters as well as the Peacock streaming service, available immediately.
5 - Escape the Field (5/6)

Production/Distribution: Anacapa Pictures, CR8IV DNA, Double Dutch International,
Glanzrock Productions, Stormchaser Films, Lionsgate
Director: Emerson Moore
Writers: Emerson Moore, Sean Wathen, Joshua Dobkin
Actors: Shane West, Theo Rossi, Jordan Claire Robbins, Tahirah Sharif, Elena Juatco, Julian Feder, Niki Kerro, Dillon Jagersky, Keith Barnes
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Rated: R
Length: 1h 28min
IMDb Blurb: Six strangers wake up trapped in an endless cornfield only to discover something mysterious is hunting them.
I am actually pretty excited for Escape the Field to hit the big screen.  There’s so much room within this story for thrills and a whole rollercoaster of feels. The trailer was intriguing, and I can only hope this green production team successfully brought their vision to life for the big screen.
The concept for Escape the Field feels fresh. It gives me the vibe of a mashup between a horror-themed corn maze (a ‘haunted house’ outside on a bigger scale) and an escape room. The mystery and puzzle aspects of the story really reeled me in and I’m already significantly invested just after the sneak peek.
I also really like the cast. There are a few members I’m not familiar with; though Shane West (ER, Nikita, Outsiders), Jordan Claire Robbins (Anon, Fashionably Yours, The Umbrella Academy), Tahirah Sharif (Waterloo Road, A Christmas Prince, The Haunting of Bly Manor), and Theo Rossi (Lowriders, Ghosts of War, Army of the Dead) certainly stand out.
I’m curious whether or not there is really a monster in the maize, or if it’s all a great big trap as in the Cube (1997) franchise.
Escape the Field is set for a limited theater release. On Demand or streaming details are not clear at this time.
4 - Operation Mincemeat (5/11)

Production/Distribution: See-Saw Films, Cohen Media Group, Archery Pictures, FilmNation Entertainment, Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Paradiz, Shaw Organisation, Warner Bros. Pictures Germany, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros., Joy n Cinema, Netflix
Director: John Madden
Writers: Michelle Ashford, Ben Macintyre
Actors: Charlotte Hamblin, Colin Firth, Jason Isaacs, Johnny Flynn, Kelly Macdonald, Lorne MacFadyen, Mark Gatiss, Matthew Macfadyen, Penelope Wilton, Ruby Bentall, Rufus Wright, Caspar Jennings, Hattie Morahan, Dolly Gadsdon, Simon Russell Beale, Michael Bott, Alex Jennings, Ellie Haddington, Paul Lancaster, Simon Rouse, Paul Ritter, Amy Marston, Jonjo O'Neill, Gabrielle Creevy, Nicholas Rowe, Will Keen, Alexander Beyer, Markus von Lingen, Nico Birnbaum, James Fleet, Mark Bonnar, Javier Godino, Pedro Casablanc, Laura Morgan, Pep Tosar, Alba Brunet, Óscar Zafra, Lin Gallagher, Graham Curry
Genre: Drama, History, War
Rated: PG-13
Length: 2h 8min
IMDb Blurb: During WWII, two intelligence officers use a corpse and false papers to outwit German troops.
I am rarely looking forward to watching a movie about World War II. It’s a rather somber topic, after all, and laden with personal feelings due to my grandfathers’ service. I am decidedly awaiting Operation Mincemeat with eager anticipation.
You just can’t beat a good spy story – and on top of that, this one’s based on a very real situation that occurred during WWII. When you throw into the mix that the whole plan was purportedly concocted by Ian Fleming (who went on to author the James Bond stories) and this marked the beginnings of MI-5 in the UK, it’s a tale that I simply can’t pass up.
I’m not familiar with everyone on board with this cast but its got strong leads in the capable hands of Colin Firth (The King's Speech, Kingsman: The Secret Service, 1917) and Jason Isaacs (A Cure for Wellness, Castlevania, Agent Game).
Operation Mincemeat is based on the non-fiction book ‘Operation Mincemeat: The True Spy Story that Changed the Course of World War II' (2010) by Ben Macintyre (Operation Mincemeat, Kim Philby: His Most Intimate Betrayal). Macintyre is a historian well versed in this WWII gambit and, while not the author of the screenplay, acted as a consultant for this film. (The prior Operation Mincemeat production he was attached to was a documentary about the same topic, based on his book.) The script was penned by veteran screenwriter Michelle Ashford (John Adams, The Pacific, Masters of Sex).
Operation Mincemeat will be released on Netflix, and I’m looking forward to watching this right away once it does.
3 - Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers (5/20)

Production/Distribution: Mandeville Films, Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disney+
Director: Akiva Schaffer
Writer: Dan Gregor, Doug Mand, Tad Stones, Alan Zaslove, Kathleen Shugrue
Actors: Andy Samberg, Anthony Molinari, Chris Parnell, Dennis Haysbert, Emil Beheshti, Eric Bana, Heather Dragulescu, J.K. Simmons, James Joseph Pulido, James M. Black, John Mulaney, Julian Graham, Juliet Donenfeld, Keegan-Michael Key, Kenzo Lee, KiKi Layne, Mason Blomberg, Matt Cook, Paula Abdul, Ryan Alosio, Seth Rogen, Sophie Fatu, Tim Robinson, Tress MacNeille, Victor Turpin, Will Arnett
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Rated: PG
Length: Not Available
Metacritic Blurb: In Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Chip and Dale are living amongst cartoons and humans in modern-day Los Angeles, but their lives are quite different now. It has been decades since their successful television series was canceled, and Chip has succumbed to a life of suburban domesticity as an insurance salesman. Dale, meanwhile, has had CGI surgery and works the nostalgia convention circuit, desperate to relive his glory days. When a former cast mate mysteriously disappears, Chip and Dale must repair their broken friendship and take on their Rescue Rangers detective personas once again to save their friend's life.
I have been bouncing in my seat with giddy excitement for the release of Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers. I absolutely adored the original animated series and watched it every day it aired without fail. Chip and Dale are among my favorite Disney characters and that series was very dear to me.
Some might be a little put-off by the voice changes, but it seems that the casting was done respectfully in regards to the original actors. Change isn’t always bad. It’s really my only question mark regarding the whole production – but one I think I can ultimately live with.
I am super jazzed to see that Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers has gone the mixed-media route with some characters in traditional 2D animation with others in varying degrees of 3D rendering. I love that Dale jokes that he got the 3D “surgery” in the trailer. The interaction between animated characters and real-world humans reminds me a lot of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) and warms my nostalgic heart.
The story looks like a lot of fun! What’s even better is that Chip 'n' Dale: Rescue Rangers is releasing directly to Disney+. You can make a sure bet that my family and I will be watching it the very next day.
2 - Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (5/6)

Production/Distribution: Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, HKC Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Argentina, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Mexico, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italia
Director: Sam Raimi
Writers: Michael Waldron, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jade Halley Bartlett
Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong, Bruce Campbell, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Elizabeth Olsen, Jett Klyne, Julian Hilliard, Keenan Moore, Michael Stuhlbarg, Patrick Stewart, Rachel McAdams, Soo Cole, Swaylee Loughnane, Tony McCarthy, Xochitl Gomez
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rated: PG-13
Length: 2h 6min
IMDb Blurb: Dr. Stephen Strange casts a forbidden spell that opens the doorway to the multiverse, including alternate versions of himself, whose threat to humanity is too great for the combined forces of Strange, Wong, and Wanda Maximoff.
I had a bit of internal conflict with myself regarding the placement for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on my list this month. If I’m really honest with myself, this is a tie for the #1 spot that I just have to break up into two parts. In that regard, the top spot had to go to the film I’ve been anticipating the longest.
My singular note for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness during our trailer stream this month was “duh.” Seeing this new Marvel movie is a given for my household. We love our comics and our comic-based movies –especially those in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stories are so rich and the casts are simply amazing.
There’s one thing to keep in mind before watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, however. You might be able to follow along fine without being up-to-date on the MCU’s over-arching storyline, though you’ll get a lot more out of the movie if you already have the foundation established by the productions leading up to this. If you haven’t already caught up on the series that are available on Disney+ and the latest movie, you’ll want to watch WandaVision (2021), Loki (2021), What If...? (2021), and Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) before diving into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
This new Doctor Strange installment will be released exclusively to theaters. On Demand or streaming details are not clear at this time.
1 – Top Gun: Maverick (5/27)

Production/Distribution: Paramount Pictures, Skydance Media, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Central Partnership, Constantin-Film, Eagle Pictures, Paramount Pictures Germany, Paramount Pictures International, Paramount Pictures UK, Paramount Pictures, Towa Pictures, United International Pictures, Universal Pictures International, Paramount+
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Writers: Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, Christopher McQuarrie, Peter Craig, Justin Marks, Jim Cash, Jack Epps Jr.
Actors: Bashir Salahuddin, Charles Parnell, Chelsea Harris, Danny Ramirez, Ed Harris, Glen Powell, Greg Tarzan Davis, Ian Gary, India Everett, Jack Schumacher, Jake Picking, Jay Ellis, Jean Louisa Kelly, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, John Wilcox, Kara Wang, Lewis Pullman, Lyliana Wray, Manny Jacinto, Mark Anthony Cox,Miles Teller, Monica Barbaro, Peter Mark Kendall, Raymond Lee, Roberta Sparta, Thomasin McKenzie, Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer
Genre: Action, Drama
Rated: PG-13
Length: 2h 11min
IMDb Blurb: After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy's top aviators, Pete Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him.
As I mentioned before, there was a tie for the #1 spot this month – in my heart at least. I’ve been anticipating Top Gun: Maverick with bated breath for years now, so it won the top spot by that technicality.
The original Top Gun (1986) movie is one of my favorites of all time. I loved the music, the story, the planes… all of it. One of my favorite BBSs to dial in to during the ’90s was even called The Danger Zone (the people that ran it were superfans). Yes, yes, I know I’ve dated myself. When it comes to Top Gun, I don’t mind. I love air shows where you get to watch planes fly around and perform maneuvers for civilian crowds, and Kenny Loggins has provided a large part of my life’s soundtrack.
I am very happy that this is a sequel and not a reboot. I would have been very upset if they had tried to rewrite the events of the original movie. That being said, there were some casting changes moving towards this sequel because of the availability of the original actors, etc. I have no issue with any of the changes that I’ve seen in the trailer or articles that I’ve read.
Maverick and Ice Man have returned with Tom Cruise (Oblivion, American Made, Mission Impossible: Fallout) and Val Kilmer (Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Paydirt, Canyon Del Muerto), respectively. Though, it is unclear with the information the trailer revealed whether or not Kilmer has a larger role in the film aside from acknowledgment of Ice Man’s current rank and office during the course of the movie’s events.
I am loving the fact that Miles Teller (Bleed for This, Only the Brave, The Offer) is portraying Goose’s son all grown up to follow in his dad’s footsteps. It injects a natural source of drama into the story. I’m also curious as to how the manned vs. unmanned combat aspect will work into the story. I hear that talked about a lot.
I have a need… a need for seeing Top Gun: Maverick with all due speed. The film will initially hit theaters exclusively and then will be available on Paramount+ (likely after at least a 45 day window).

Movies to Look out For

According to: Selina

Human Factors .20
The Twin .19
Senior Year .18
Jayeshbhai Jordaar .17
There Are No Saints.16
The Last Victim .15
Escape the Field .14
Mondocane .13
Good Mourning .12
Family Camp .11
Men .10
Sneakerella .9
Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror .8
Top Gun: Maverick .7
The Innocents .6
Operation Mincemeat .5
Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers .4
Firestarter .3
The Bob’s Burgers Movie .2
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .1


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