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Top 10 Most Forgettable Films We Discovered in 2020

Here it is, the last of our Year in Review lists. We’ve discussed the best and worst of the films that came out, the best and worse of the older movies, and the most memorable flicks that we reviewed in 2020. For our final installment, we’re going to talk about the most forgettable.
In 2020, Trust the Dice reviewed approximately 120 films. Cat and I saw many others in our free time. That makes it impressive when something sticks out to us. What tends to go unrealized is that there are so many movies in play that it’s inevitable that not all of them will have staying power.
There’ve been times when I’ve gone to make the schedule and I’ll try to add a movie that we’ve actually reviewed. Sometimes I’ll have a vague idea of it, other times I may have no memory of ever having heard of it.
Every year, there are a few flicks that just don’t make the cut for our crowded brains. Below are the top 10 most forgettable films we reviewed in 2020.

10 – Tragedy Girls (2017)
I have a vague memory of what went down in Tragedy Girls. I remember some masks and one scene where someone got murdered with a table saw. There are also some wisps left of the ending, but that’s about it.
At the time of the review, Cat and I both thought it was slightly better than average. It clearly entertained us then, though I doubt I’ll even remember its existence in about a year or two.

9 – Can’t Take it Back (2017)
I know that there was some kind of ghost story in Can’t Take it Back. I remember the ending, which stood out a bit, but that’s pretty much it.
The only thing I could tell you about, without re-watching it, is that I hated Logan Paul. That guy is a habitual jackass and I think it’s a shame that he has any influence over anyone. It is one of my sincerest wishes that he, and his family, disappear into obscurity.

8 – The Last Days of American Crime (2020)
When I think of The Last Days of American Crime, the emotion that always rises is disappointment.
I don’t remember anything about the film, but I remember the trailer and how much I was looking forward to seeing the full thing. I remember the plot and how interesting it seemed.
After that? Nothing. Without looking at IMDb, I couldn’t even tell you who was involved. In fact, I only remember it was a Netflix film because I’ve seen the poster recently.

7 – The Lovebirds (2020)
This one is a crying shame.
Looking back at our review, both Cat and I loved it. It got 4s across the board, which should have put it on track to be one of our Top 20 Best Films of 2020… but we had to disqualify it.
Between June 5th and now, we’ve forgotten the entire film. Nothing sticks out in our minds at all. I had to go back and re-watch the trailer just to remember who the two main actors were.
As much as we enjoyed it at the time, it must have been more basic than we realized.

6 – 6 Underground (2019)
This is another flick that I actually enjoyed. In my review, I gave it a 3.5. However, when it came up in discussion as we were putting the lists for this week together, I wound up staring blankly at the screen just trying to remember what it was.
It wasn’t until I looked at the poster that I recalled it was a Ryan Reynolds film.
Still, the only thing I can even remotely bring back into my mind is a very long action/driving scene at the beginning. That’s where it ends.

5 – Scare Package (2019)
When this movie came up as a possibility for our worst new discoveries of the year, I had to go back and re-watch it to remember anything.
It was a campy horror anthology. It tried to be a love letter to horror, but missed the mark. I disliked it both times I gave it a chance. 

Worse yet, I still couldn't tell you what any of the stories were off the top of my head. Even having seen it twice, once recently.

4 – Dangerous Lies (2020)
Cat and I were split on this one when we reviewed it. She thought it was a little better than basic, I thought it came up short. Either way, we both had one thing in common when it came time to get the lists together: Dangerous Lies hadn’t left a lasting mark on us.
It was just so much more basic than either of us realized.

3 – The Quiet Ones (2014)
This film was on Cat’s review schedule, but not mine. So, it’s only her memory we’re talking about.
The thing is, Cat is a huge fan of Sam Claflin. So, it was already a big deal that she didn’t like the flick. When I brought it up to her as a possibility for one of the worst new discoveries, she had to look it up to even try to remember what it was. Even while looking at IMDb, though, she still fought to remember anything about it.

2 – The Jurassic Games (2018)
This was a B-movie with decent production values that sucked Cat in when she first watched it. However, when it came down to list making, she struggled to remember anything. She knew she’d seen it, but that was where the recollection ended.
She had some basic wisps return to her after checking the trailer, though.

1 – Awaiting (2015)
Cat didn’t see Awaiting, but I did. At least, that’s what searching the blog tells me.
I cannot remember watching this film at all. I’ve looked at the poster, watched the trailer, and reread my review. I still don’t remember anything about.
At the very least, I can usually pick out a still, or something, that remains buried deep in my sub-conscious somewhere, but not with this one. It’s as if a dimensional hole opened and swallowed the entire thing right out of my past.
It is definitely the most forgettable movie I saw in 2020.

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