Saturday, August 26, 2017

But I Digress... Hurricane Harvey

By Cat

Today’s usual Digression has unfortunately been pre-empted by good ol’ Hurricane Harvey which is currently pounding the coast of Texas from the Gulf of Mexico.

With the storm’s projected path over the next several days, it’s due to veer further East, which will impact the state of Louisiana with some rather nasty weather ranging from Severe Weather and Flooding. 

My area of Louisiana is more landlocked and not in danger of being windswept or washed off the map, but due diligence calls for me to prepare for potential flooding and power outages so that my family and I can be safe to ride out what follows from this weather event. 

For anyone in the path of this storm, my thoughts are with you. Please stay safe. If they tell you to evacuate, please do so if at all possible. I know that “turn around, don’t drown” saying gets old but please take heed. Stuff can be replaced, but people cannot.

But I Digress will return next weekend with an ode to the weather in film. 

If you are interested in keeping up with the storm's progress, below is the ongoing Live Weather Channel coverage. 

For a little lagniappe (something extra), I found a seawall cam of live storm footage as the hurricane makes landfall. 

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