Friday, December 9, 2016

What's New At Trust The Dice?

We here at the Trust the Dice have noticed a spike in viewership, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your interest. As a result of this spike, we have decided to expand our site. There will be new articles and, soon, new authors as well. We will be working up to posting every day, though it may take a while.

You have likely already noticed our first new column: “This Week In Crowdfunding.”

Trust the Dice is a big supporter of new, and indie, writer/directors. We recognize that all our favorites started somewhere and we can’t wait to find out who our next favorites will be. In our new crowdfunding article, you’ll be introduced to our top 5 favorite entertainment projects attempting to be funded that week.

We will be using Indiegogo and Kickstarter as sources to find the diamonds in the rough. We will also be doing our best to get interviews with people associated with each project in the hopes to get some exclusive information for you guys.

“This Week in Crowdfunding” will be posted by Selina every Sunday.

We’re not leaving Cat out, though. She’s going to be starting her own new column called, “But I Digress…”

In “But I Digress…” you will get to learn more about some miscellaneous entertainment news. Interesting upcoming projects will be highlighted, with only a few breaks to host articles or profiles of our favorite actors. It’s something completely different and will veer away from reviews. Of course, Netflix will almost certainly be featured at times, considering how often they start something new.

“But I Digress…” is going to go live in a few weeks and will be posted every Saturday.

Our usual reviews will be moving to Mondays and Wednesdays in order to make room for another review day.

It’s come to our attention that we have a lot of fans in France, Germany, Peru, and Iceland. To be honest, we’re not sure how that happened, but we’re thrilled you guys enjoy our content. That’s why we added a widget just below our popular posts that allows you to translate our page into whatever language you speak.

Due to the fact that we have so many international readers, we’ve decided to add “Foreign Film Fridays” to our site.

“Foreign Film Fridays” will be dedicated to all the wonderful content on Netflix that is in any language other than English. Unfortunately, we’ll have to stick to films that have English subtitles because neither of us are fluent in anything else. These films have been added to the same kind of list our usual films are on, and will be chosen randomly by a 100-sided die.

Obviously, that column will be on Fridays and it will begin next week.

For now, we are still talking to prospective writers that might have ideas to fill Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are interested in writing for Trust the Dice, please shoot us an e-mail using the “Contact” form at the bottom of the right side of the page (below “Blog Archive”). We are not currently offering pay, though the first two new writers we take on will earn a percentage of the ad revenue we receive when/if we begin making enough to support it.

Once again, we want to thank you for taking an interest in our blog. We love writing, we love entertainment, and we love getting to put our thoughts out there. Thank you for making it possible.

We hope you enjoy our new content and, as always, may the dice be ever in your favor.

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