Friday, November 8, 2013

Cherry Tree Lane (2010)

Number Rolled: 78
Movie Name/Year: Cherry Tree Lane (2010)
Genre: Horror
Length: 77 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: Paul Andrew Williams
Writer: Paul Andrew Williams
Actors: Rachael Blake, Tom Butcher, Jumayn Hunter, Ashley Chin, Sonny Muslim, Jennie Jacques, Corinne Douglas, Kieran Dooner, Tom Kane

Christine and Michael are having a calm dinner at home alone, watching television and talking. When the doorbell rings, they think nothing of it, until the gang of teens burst in and take them hostage.

I have never seen anything like this. It wasn’t the plot that made the movie so different. I mean, it was your basic home invasion, but the way the story was told and acted was insane. There was very little spectacle. Actually, it seemed to be in real-time, as if the audience weren’t just watching retelling, but actually present; a fly on the wall, so to speak.

At first, “Cherry Tree Lane” came off a bit boring. The first ten minutes or so, we’re just watching a couple talk about stuff we don’t get to really learn about. It’s just typical couple stuff, nothing interesting. Once the movie gets going, though, it turns into something creepy and terrifying.

What made it so scary was the realism that went into it. There was a reason for the gang to be intruding on that household. There was a reason they were after someone, and the story went into the mentality of revenge and the violent lifestyle of gang members – the altered theory of morality shown by the different characters. I was thoroughly consumed after a while and desperately in need of cuddles from my dog.

It’s different and out there, but it still hits very close to home with a, “this could happen to anyone,” quality. I absolutely adored the ending, too.

Also, there was a bit of an issue with the sound. I don’t believe it was my TV, but I did have to turn it up to max in order to hear correctly. I’ve reported this issue to Netflix.

Netflix’s Prediction for Me – 2.2/5
Overall Opinion – 4/5

The Random Rating: R - for implied sex, strong violence and explicit drug use.

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