Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shoot the Hero (2009)

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Movie Name/Year: Shoot the Hero (2009)
Genre: Action & Adventure
Length: 80 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Christian Sesma
Writer: Christian Sesma
Actors: Jason Mewes, Samantha Lockwood, Danny Trejo, Nick Nicotera, Mike Hatton, Nicholas Turturro, Paul Sloan, Fred Williamson, Taylor Negron, Brian Drolet, Chris Fries, Josh Marchette, Katie Morgan, Annemarie Pazmino, David Shackelford

Nate and Kate are having some relationship problems. In an effort to fix it, Nate brings her to a jewelry store to get her to pick out a ring. Things don’t go quite as planned and he winds up being dumped as the store is getting held up. Meanwhile, the Smith brothers are having their own troubles; they’re stranded in the desert after they run out of gas. Somehow, the lives of these two couples converge.

The movie had a bad start. There was an action scene that didn’t quite live up to what it could have been and it ran way too long. Once the story started going, though, it was unstoppable. Even with the various action scenes, I still would have labeled “Shoot the Hero” a comedy, but that’s beside the point. When you do something like run a review blog, it becomes very difficult for movies to catch you off guard. You start to memorize recipes at such a level that you can almost quote scripts before the words are said. This movie found a way to get through that all and really shock me.

It’s not one of the most well loved movies, and I’m not really sure why. Yes, it had a rocky start and, yes, it was a little disjointed until the loose ends were tied up, but it was thoroughly entertaining and a decent storyline.

Of course, if you look at the actors list, you’ll see Jason Mewes and Danny Trejo. Neither of these men are known to be the world’s greatest actors, but they are known as kind of “kings” of their own genre’s. Trejo is known widely for his tough-guy, usually B-movie, work. I recently saw him in “Machete” and “Sons of Anarchy,” and really enjoyed his performance. Mewes is a regular in the work of Kevin Smith and adored in the part of Jay throughout that general universe. If there’s such a thing as cult actors – these two would be part of that title. It’s because they make their parts amusing and they’re dedicated. Both of them worked well in this movie.

I really enjoyed “Shoot the Hero.” It was a fun, violent, impossible, movie with a lot of laughs.

Overall Opinion – 4.5/5

P.S. The credits have two parts to them. Wait until after the first part for an extra scene.

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