Friday, July 26, 2013

Vampire Bats (2005)

Number Rolled: 57
Movie Name/Year: Vampire Bats (2005)
Genre: Horror
Length: 89 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: Eric Bross
Writer: Doug Prochilo
Actors: Lucy Lawless, Dylan Neal, Liam Waite, Timothy Bottoms, Brett Butler, Tony Plana, Jessica Stroup, Arnie Pantoja, Brandon Henry Rodriguez, Robin Hines, Josh Segarra, Andrew Matthews, Donna Duplantier, Damon Lipari, Jerrod Paige, Bobby Campo, Stephanie Honore, Jacque Henry, Emily Michel, Peggy Walton-Walker, Craig Ferguson

“Vampire Bats” is the follow up to “Locusts” from earlier in 2005. Dr. Maddy Reardon and her husband, Dan, have just moved to a new town in order to build a calmer, easier life – preferably away from evil locusts. While teaching, Dr. Maddy is informed of the death of one of her students and begins an investigation to find out what did it. She knows for sure it wasn’t the two students the sheriff arrested.

I haven’t seen “Locusts.” I didn’t even realize this was a sequel until the characters in the movie said something suspicious that made me decide to look it up. To be honest, although I might look for “Locusts” in order to see it, it wasn’t necessary. This movie did well standing on its own. In fact, this movie did really well altogether.

It was a B movie, but the story and the actors were really on the ball. The bats might have been one step up from claymation, but I found that forgivable. In movies like this, I often find myself really bored. In the beginning, I was fairly certain nothing would be different. However, the storyline wound up breaking stereotypes and Lawless certainly showed just how amazing she still is. There was a little bit of a secondary love story that I found unnecessary, but they really didn’t spend much time on it, so it didn’t affect my opinion all that much.

“Vampire Bats” was a good, solid, B-movie. A creature feature, without a doubt, but one that was absolutely worth it.

Overall Opinion – 3.5/5

P.S. The Random Rating: PG-13 (For sex references and blood/moderate violence)

P.P.S. The sound started to come on a delay in the last half hour or so.

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