Monday, June 17, 2013

Eye of the Beast (2007)

Number Rolled: 67
Movie Name/Year: Eye of the Beast (2007)
Genre: Horror
Length: 90 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: Gary Yates
Writer: Mark Mullin
Actors: James Van Der Beek, Alexandra Castillo, Arne MacPherson, Ryan Rajendra Black, Brian Edward Roach, Larissa Tobacco, Kyra Harper, Kelly Wolfman, Ryland Thiessen, Rick Skene, Sharon Bajer, Brooke Palsson, Blake Taylor, Erik Fjeldsted, Stephen Eric McIntyre, Gabriel Daniels, Akulu Meekis, Alicia Johnston, Daina Leitold

Dan Leland is a NORA scientist that travels to a remote village in order to try and discern what is depleting the fish population in the area. The fishermen don’t trust him, believing he’s there looking for a reason to shut down the fishery and the natives don’t trust him because he hasn’t yet given them a reason to. He meets up with Cat, an officer in charge of the lake, and they form an alliance to attempt to get to the bottom of things.

This right here is what I believe a creature feature should be! In fact, it is my favorite of the genre since Jurassic Park. It’s a B-Movie so it managed to endear itself to me without the amazing and flawless graphics.

Kevin Smith once said that he was glad he’d had a small budget for Clerks because it forced him to be creative about the way he did things. I believe this movie, much like Clerks, benefited from the smaller budget. The people working on this movie knew they didn’t have the money to make a graphically phenomenal giant squid, so they worked around it. They didn’t try to force the situation. You see the work of forced graphics, where greatness cannot be achieved, in movies like, “Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus.” That kind of force makes a movie seem more like a joke than anything else could. In “Eye of the Beast,” they concentrated more on the story than the actual squid – which reminded me a bit of “Jaws.”

There was great acting, especially for a B-Movie, a storyline that had no shortage of suspense and a script that utilized what we expect in order to become unexpected. If you’re looking for a Creature Feature, this is a really good one to start with.

I just had one major problem with it. At one point, one of the characters needed to feel for a pulse. Either the director or the actor screwed up because just about everyone knows you don’t check for a pulse in the middle of the throat.

Overall Opinion – 4/5

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