Friday, April 26, 2013

Treasure Planet (2002)

Number Rolled: 89
Movie Name/Year: Treasure Planet (2002)
Genre: Children & Family
Length: 95 minutes
Rating: PG
Director: Ron Clements, John Musker
Writer: Robert Louis Stevenson, Ron Clements, John Musker, Rob Edwards, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
Actors: Roscoe Lee Browne, Corey Burton, Dane A. Davis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tony Jay, Austin Majors, Patrick McGoohan, Michael McShane, Laurie Metcalf, Brian Murray, David Hyde Pierce, Martin Short, Emma Thompson, Michael Wincott

What do you get when you cross Treasure Island with a Science Fiction universe? You get Treasure Planet. A young boy grows up reading pirate stories, but starts acting out when his father abandons him and his mother. After many instances of trouble with the law, his mother is fed up. Of course, that’s before he brings a dying man into the house that brings with him a heap of trouble. When it all comes down to a map that may, or may not, lead to the very same Treasure Planet the boy grew up reading about; a family friend convinces his mother that it would be character building for him to go.

Oh, and this all takes place in space.

I don’t care how old you are. Sometimes you just need something light-hearted and innocent. On those days, a Disney movie will almost always hit the spot. Made in the form of cartoons that stimulate a child’s imagination, these movies usually have plenty of references and subtle jokes for the adults in the audience. This movie definitely fits that description. With references to Star Trek and Jaws (among other things) and an in depth story line, this movie is something that could engross people of any age.

I always feel a little disappointed when I watch a Disney movie with no original music. Yeah, we don’t NEED to watch pirates spontaneously burst into song, but Disney’s had singing clock in the past! Alright, if I get past my strange desire to watch anamorphic creations erupt into musical numbers, I can admit that the movie really didn’t need it. It was a spectacular film.

After watching this movie, I am left wondering what other childhood favorites I’d love to see cross genres. Imagine “Black Beauty” as a horror film or “The Secret Garden” as a fantasy. I believe fiercely in the protection of our creations. Star Wars and Indiana Jones are awesome, they don’t need refurbishing. However, I also believe in using our past creations to shape the future. In other words, I’m fully capable of believing that something like “Treasure Planet” can exist in the same breath as “Treasure Island” without cheapening the original story. It wasn’t made to replace the original, just to exist beside it as another option.

For the record, I teared up at one point near the end enough that I actually made fun of myself. Take that as you will.

Overall Opinion – 5/5

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