Monday, November 5, 2012

Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (2009)

Number Rolled: 13
Movie Name/Year: Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach (2009)
Genres: Comedy
Length: 93 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Danny Leiner
Writer: Andy Stock, Rick Stempson
Actors: Seann William Scott, Randy Quaid, Brando Eaton, Emilee Wallace, A.D. Miles, Leonor Varela, Ryan Simpkins, Conor Donovan, Justin Chon, Meredith Eaton, Daniel Ross, Vincent Coleman Taylor, Zach Thatcher

What the hell did I just force myself to watch? Obviously, Andy Stock and Rick Stempson were high when writing this movie and blackmailed Danny Leiner to direct it. It had its funny parts, true enough, enough to keep it from being a 1, but are you kidding me?

Think “The Mighty Ducks” only with Sean William Scott playing an older and even MORE ridiculous version of every character he’s ever played. You can’t really judge the rest of the actors/actresses because they were all acting in a script that was meant to make the audience groan and laugh at the cost of actually being good.

Look, I like a good raunchy comedy. Kevin Smith is my favorite writer/director and he’s made a lot of them. But this was… I don’t even know what to say. Tennis team coach has a heart-attack, Sean William Scott’s character takes over and the attempt at making child molestation funny begins. Seriously? Sometimes this whole random thing makes me want to punch the TV.

Overall Opinion – 1.5/5

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