Monday, September 10, 2012

Contract Killers (2008)

Number Rolled: 58
Movie Name/Year: Contract Killers (2008)
Genre: Action Thriller
Length: 86 mins
Rating: R
Director: Justin Rhodes
Writer: Ric Moxley and Justin Rhodes
Actors: Frida Farrell, Nick Mancuso, Rhett Giles, Wolf Muser, Christian Willis, G. Anthony Joseph, Steve Boergadine, Lee Sherman, Paul Cram, Justin Smith and Julia Denton

“Contract Killers” is about a woman assassin who wakes up one day hunted by the same killers she once worked with. Within the first scene her husband has already been murdered with the word “Lisa” etched into his forehead and a chase scene progresses. I’d write more about what it’s about but that’s it. Seriously.

It all honesty, the beginning gets you pumped up for a great action move. Like a mix of “Fast and Furious” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” A blonde contract killer running for her life while we’re seeing disjointed memories of how she got into that place, what could go wrong? Everything. Just everything.

After that first scene? There’s nothing. It’s like someone decided to try and include every bit of every genre they could into a movie, but only a little at a time. Some action over there, a little drama over here, but working against each other like a violent game of tug-o-war. Half the movie had me sitting there with my forehead in my palm groaning, the other half had me stifling yawns.

The action was bland. The drama had no depth behind it at all. Even the sex scene was as disappointing as the one in “Bloodrayne.” All in all, if you haven’t seen it? I say, “good choice!”

Overall Opinion – 1/5

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