Friday, July 13, 2012

Gamebox 1.0 (2004)

Number Rolled: 14
Movie Name/Year: Gamebox 1.0 (2004)
Genre: Horror (According to Netflix…)
Length: 83 minutes
Rating: PG-13
Director: David Hillenbrand, Scott Hillenbrand
Writer: Worm Miller, Patrick Casey
Actors: Danielle Fishel, Nate Richert, Patrick Kilpatrick, Patrick Cavanaugh

So, Harvey Kinkel from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Topanga Lawrence from Boy Meets World meet and fall in love. Sabrina hears about it and casts a spell…. Wait… sorry… that’s just how I looked at the movie because of the VERY familiar characters I saw. Relax, I kid – I kid.

Honestly? Rated 1.9 on Netflix and 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, I expect nothing short of bullshit from this movie. I severely underestimated it, and I think I know why. Netflix went all sorts of crazy with the labeling of this films genres. This is not, I repeat NOT, a horror movie in anyway-shape-or form. If you are expecting to see a horror, quickly pick up your remote and skip this film. Whatever moron sat through this and said “Oh, hey, this is a horror movie!” was on way too much LSD that day. I hope you had a bad trip douche-bag.

If I were to categorize this movie I would keep the Sci-Fi & Fantasy, trash the rest and add “Indie Film,” “Video Game Movie” and “Psychological Thriller”… then find the guy who labeled it a horror and kick him square in the nuts.

Now, as for the movie, don’t go into it expecting an A class movie, it’s definitely a B movie, but it’s done really nicely. A video game tester getting over the death of his girlfriend receives a free virtual reality game in the mail and assumes he’s meant to test it. He does and gets locked inside. It’s an interesting concept – true it’s something I’ve seen done before – but it was done well in my opinion. The acting was good, not great, but good and the storyline was great. I happen to especially love the ending.

My suggestion? This is one of those movie you need to say “fuck the critics” to, watch and judge for yourself. And for the love of the dice, don’t expect it to be a horror.

Overall Opinion – 3.5/5

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  1. I really enjoyed this flick. Sure its production values aren't great, but at least it had substance and character. Actually I watched it over ten years ago and now I'm searching to see it again. If you like Neuromancer and Existenz then give this one a go.