Friday, July 14, 2023


With SAG joining the WGA in their strike, all film and television production will cease. Actors are encouraged not to promote their finished work, show up to conventions, etc.
What does that mean for us at Trust the Dice?
We’ve always supported the strike, which started back in May with the WGA. Despite that, we’ve continued to write reviews and Top 20 lists. We had hopes that reason would win out and companies would just agree to pay their workers. Unfortunately, a studio executive has made some straight-up evil comments according to Deadline: “The endgame is to allow things to drag on until union members start losing their apartments and losing their houses.”
I’ve struggled with what to do about it. As bloggers, we’re not part of the WGA, but as reviewers we rely on the hard work of writers and actors. Not just as entertainment, but as a living.
Now that workers are being urged not to even promote finished works, I’ve decided that we need to alter the way Trust the Dice is handling the strike.
We do have specific deals in place for reviews this month. It’s unavoidable. At the end of the month, if nothing changes with the strike, we will be altering our content. At least until there’s a resolution.
Trust the Dice will pause all reviews and promotion of upcoming films. We will still post, however. Those posts will include Top 10s about various subjects featuring films and TV but will not include anything about upcoming releases. I truly hope that you all will enjoy the new content on Trust the Dice. If people enjoy it, we will weave it into our usual stuff once the strikes are over.
Support the writers and actors that you’ve relied on for your entertainment and escape purposes. Do NOT cancel your streaming services, though. Watch movies and TV shows as much as possible. That's what the guilds want for the time being.
Good luck.

UPDATE: Upon further deliberation, I've decided that we will not finish out the set schedule we had for the month of July. We will be pivoting our content immediately, with the first post being Monday at 6pm EST. We hope you enjoy our new content as we support the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike by stopping promotion of all new film projects. (It is possible that we will be able to continue reviewing the smaller, indie films that are not involved with big production companies. If so, we will include those.)

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