Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Top 20 Movies to Look Out For In September (2021)

 According to Cat
20 - Zone 414 (9/3)

Production/Distribution: 23ten, Baird Films, El Ride Productions, Great Point Media, Highland Film Group, Saban Films, Universal Pictures, Originals Factory, Paramount Pictures
Director: Andrew Baird
Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
Actors: Travis Fimmel, Guy Pearce, Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Colin Salmon, Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, Jonathan Aris, Jorin Cooke, Maggie Cronin, Ned Dennehy, Olwen Fouere
Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller
Rated: R
Length: 98 minutes
IMDb Blurb: Set in the near future, private detective David Carmichael is hired by Marlon Veidt, an eccentric businessman, to track down his missing daughter. David teams up with Jane, a highly advanced A.I. to solve the mystery.
The trailer for Zone 414 is giving me some serious Blade Runner (1982) vibes. Obviously, the plot is a bit different from the iconic film – but the setting seems eerily similar. The sci-fi and dystopian nature of the setting are intriguing to me. I want to know more about these androids and why there’s a zone for them. With Tesla’s recent announcement of AI robots that could be joining the workforce in the very near future – scenarios like this don’t seem as far-fetched as they did back in the 80s.
I’ve seen that the reviews are mixed, so I’m not sure the end product will be as successful as I want it to be, but this is a movie that I want to give a chance. 
With a cast on board such as Travis Fimmel (Vikings, Raised by Wolves, Die in a Gunfight), Guy Pearce (The Catcher Was a Spy, Mary Queen of Scots, Bloodshot), and Matilda Lutz (Revenge, Medici, The Divorce Party) there’s some real potential here. I also want to take into consideration that Fimmel was so interested in this project that when he had to drop out of the lead role due to filming schedule conflicts, he came back to play a different part when he became available again. It seems he really believed in this production, so I want to as well.
19 – The Voyeurs (9/10)

Production/Distribution: Divide/Conquer, Amazon Studios
Director: Michael Mohan
Writer: Michael Mohan
Actors: Ben Hardy, Cait Alexander, Caitlyn Sponheimer, Daniel Grogan, Emily Shelton, Justice Smith, Katharine King So, Madelline Harvey, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Noah Parker, Sarah Donna, Sydney Sweeney
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Rated: R
Length: 120 minutes
IMDb Blurb: Pippa and Thomas move into their dream apartment, they notice that their windows look directly into the apartment opposite, this will set in motion a chain of events that will lead to disaster.
Voyeur’s trailer seemed to indicate this production will follow in the footsteps of movies such as Rear Window (1954). 
This sort of concept isn’t new, but it’s highly relatable - especially in a time when we've all been confined to our homes at some point. The peeping taboo is a guilty pleasure for some. 
It’s just human curiosity when you see a lit-up window and there are no blinds or curtains to obscure the view. I grew up with the notion that you kept your windows covered so you wouldn’t advertise your belongings to the world. I called open windows at night ‘rich people windows’ because, in my mind, whoever it was could afford to show off or lose those possessions.  It’s the same concept with passing a wreck on the highway – everyone looks. That’s why traffic gets snarled.
There’s a line, however, where innocent glances turn into a real invasion of privacy. I’d say that the couple in the movie definitely take things way too far – and there are obviously going to be consequences.
I’m curious to see if they get drawn into some sort of a swinging situation that deteriorates their relationship or if there is something really nefarious afoot.
18 - Collection (9/17)

Production/Distribution: The Warner Davis Company, Dark Dreams Entertainment
Director: Marianna Palka
Writer: Todd M. Friedman
Actors: Alex Pettyfer, Breeda Wool, Jacques Colimon, Jason Pace, Joseph Julian Soria, Mike Vogel, Nick Rhys, Paige Howard, Shakira Barrera, Willam Belli
Genre: Thriller
Rated: Unrated
Length: 87 minutes
IMDb Blurb: A grieving father grapples with the seedy, manipulative world of high stakes debt collection while struggling to shed the tragedies of his past. He'll find himself pitted against his best friend, his prodigy and his love.
At first glance, Collection looks like it might be an edge-of-your-seat thriller. There seems to be some conflicting reviews so far, though. Some have said they love the movie, and others have criticized cinematography, pacing, and characters.
This is the freshman writing project for Todd M. Friedman, so I tend to look at things with that in mind. It is not, however, the first rodeo for director Marianna Palka (Always Worthy, Bitch, Egg). I don’t recognize any of her work as a director, but I am familiar with some of her acting. 
That aside, Alex Pettyfer (Beastly, The Strange Ones, Echo Boomers) and Mike Vogel (She's Out of My League, Under the Dome, Sex/Life) are starring in this film. Pettyfer, especially, seems to be more selective with his roles; so that gives me hope that there is something redeeming here that overly-critical reviewers are missing. 

At least most seem to agree that Collection has a good soundtrack. That’s always a bonus for me.
Debt collection is something that so many people have to deal with. It always seems that in this day and age, creditors have less patience and compassion than they used to. It’s a relatable topic. Thankfully, the methods employed by the characters in this movie aren’t exactly legal. Pretty much everyone loathes talking to a collector, though. The pressure, threats of legal action, and harassing endless phone calls are enough to drive someone crazy.
One of the reasons Collection has landed a little lower on my list than it might have otherwise, is because I’m not sure about the shift in tone from debt collection to dealing with the cartel. The way that scenario plays out could have a good bit to do with whether Collection is successful or not. There are a lot of questions in the air here, but I was entertained enough by the trailer that it’s definitely worth a watch. If you’re skeptical, maybe check it out when Collection hits on-demand.
17 - Superhost (9/2)

Production/Distribution: Superchill, Shudder
Director: Brandon Christensen
Writer: Brandon Christensen
Actors: Sara Canning, Osric Chau, Gracie Gillam, Barbara Crampton
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Rated: Unrated
Length: 83 minutes
IMDb Blurb: With their follower count dwindling, travel vloggers Teddy and Claire pivot to creating viral content around their most recent "superhost," Rebecca, who wants more from the duo than a great review.
Sometimes it’s sad that there are so few fresh perspectives in films these days. More often than not, ideas are just rehashed and recycled. Reboots, and remakes, and sequels, oh my! Genre tropes just get run into the ground.
For that reason, it’s fantastic when there’s something new afoot. Not only is Superhost a new concept, but it’s also on point with the modern world. Here we have social media influencers getting in over their heads. This is the age of cell phones, YouTube, live streams, and AirBNB. Superhost seems to take all of those elements and present a worst-case scenario of nightmares for these hapless travel vloggers.
I am definitely here for it.
The trio of Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries, Z, Nancy Drew), Osric Chau (2012, Supernatural, Circle of Bones), and Gracie Gillam (Dark Summer, Some Kind of Hate, Z Nation) seems to be right on target for some crazy moments and the harrowing situation out at this remote cabin in the woods. The trailer showed shades of comedy and cringe as well as hints at the level of trouble the vlogging duo gets themselves into.
Superhost will be a Shudder exclusive, and I can’t wait to watch and share the experience this month.
16 - Prisoners of the Ghostland (9/17)

Production/Distribution: Patriot Pictures, Eleven Arts, Baked Studios, Boos Boos Bang Bang, RLJE Films, Untitled Entertainment, XYZ Films, Bitters End, Umbrella Entertainment, The Searchers
Director: Sion Sono
Writer: Aaron Hendry, Reza Sixo Safai
Actors: Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Bill Moseley, Canon Nawata, Charles Glover, Grace Feeney, Jai West, Jeffrey Rowe, Narisa Suzuki, Nick Cassavetes, Saki Ohwada, Tak Sakaguchi, Takato Yonemoto
Genre: Action, Horror, Thriller
Rated: Unrated
Length: 100 minutes
IMDb Blurb: A notorious criminal must break an evil curse in order to rescue an abducted girl who has mysteriously disappeared.
Where do I even start with Prisoners of the Ghostland?
All of the reviews, the catchy one-liner tags, and the trailer add up to the promise of an absolutely bonkers experience. I am definitely buying what they’re selling here.
Nicolas Cage (Color Out of Space, Primal, Willy's Wonderland) is notorious for his off-the-wall films and I think this one just flat out demolishes that wall entirely. Cage is quoted as saying “[Prisoners of the Ghostland] might be the wildest movie I've ever made, and that's saying something."
IMDb’s trivia section indicates that it took writer Reza Sixo Safai (A Girl Walks Alone at Night, The Persian Connection, Austin Found) 17 years to get this movie made. I’m dying of curiosity for an explanation why. Was it problems in development hell, or were they waiting for the right cast and production team to pull off the planned insanity? I’m going to bet on the latter.
I am a fan of Japanese culture. I loved how that blended into the story - from architecture to the fight scenes. The cinematography in the trailer alone is absolutely stunning.
Aside from Cage, there are a couple other names that catch my eye among the cast. Bill Moseley (3 from Hell, Gothic Harvest, I Am Fear) is a horror movie staple. Here, he’s playing The Governor, who is apparently the character that sends Cage off into the Ghostland to look for someone. Of course, that someone is played by Sofia Boutella (Atomic Blonde, Hotel Artemis, Modern Love). I’ve enjoyed her work too.
All in all, Prisoners of the Ghostland is one of those movie experiences that you just have to throw yourself into and hold on to your seat. It’s liable to be absolutely crazy, but at the same time thoroughly entertaining.
15 - We Need to Do Something (9/3)

Production/Distribution: Atlas Industries, Spin a Black Yarn, A Bigger Boat, Hantz Motion Pictures, Front Row Filmed Entertainment, IFC Midnight
Director: Sean King O'Grady
Writer: Max Booth III
Actors: John James Cronin, Lisette Alexis, Pat Healy, Sierra McCormick, Vinessa Shaw
Genre: Horror
Rated: Unrated
Length: 97 minutes
IMDb Blurb: After Melissa and her family seek shelter from a storm, they become trapped. With no sign of rescue, hours turn to days and Melissa comes to realize that she and her girlfriend Amy might have something to do with the horrors that threaten to tear her family - and the entire world, apart.
We Need to Do Something reminds me of another movie we’ve reviewed in the past, Await Further Instructions (2018). The difference here, apparently, is that while the family is trapped inside their home they have no communication from the outside at all.
I’m highly curious at the hinted story element that the daughter of the family, played by Sierra McCormick (Some Kind of Hate, All Good Things, VFW), had something to do with the ‘storm’ that caused this familial calamity to occur. I’ve most recently enjoyed her work in American Horror Stories (2021-) and I’m excited about what she’ll bring to this role.
We Need to Do Something also might give us an interesting perspective, as well. Director Sean King O'Grady (Land Grab, True Life, How to Not) is known for his work as a documentarian, having produced and directed a number of them. I am interested in his debut in the world of fiction.
14 - I'm Your Man (9/17)

Production/Distribution: Letterbox Filmproduktion, Bleecker Street Media, Curzon, Filmcoopi Zürich, Majestic Filmverleih, Curzon Home Cinema, Filmarti, SWR
Director: Maria Schrader
Writer: Jan Schomburg, Maria Schrader, Emma Braslavsky
Actors: Annika Meier, Dan Stevens, Falilou Seck, Hans Löw, Henriette Richter-R, Jürgen Tarrach, Maren Eggert, Monika Oschek, Sandra Hüller, Wolfgang Hübsch
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Rated: R
Length: 105 minutes
IMDb Blurb: In order to obtain research funds for her studies, a scientist accepts an offer to participate in an extraordinary experiment: for three weeks, she is to live with a humanoid robot, created to make her happy.
I’m Your Man is a slight shift from the typical movies you find on my Top 20 lists. I don’t often have foreign language films listed. It’s definitely not because I don’t like them – it’s generally because there are too many other options available in that month. This time, the fact that this movie is in German is absolutely irrelevant to me. If you don’t like subtitles, then it might not be for you. If that’s the case, by all means, scroll on.
For those that haven’t shuffled down the page, I’ll tell you why I am excited for I’m Your Man.
Dan Stevens (Kill Switch, Blithe Spirit, Earwig and the Witch) is one of those actors that I would watch in anything. His range is phenomenal, in addition to the bonus that he’s easy on the eyes.  In I’m Your Man, he gets to play an android custom built to be the perfect mate for the woman reviewing his manufacturer’s services. I can tell from the trailer that the cast had a lot of fun with this one.
His screen chemistry with Maren Eggert (The Dreamed Path, The Invisibles, Giraffe) was electric, and the story offers some seriously thought-provoking content. There’s more depth to this production than your average rom-com.
Of course, I think my favorite parts of the trailer for I’m Your Man were highlighting the comedic elements in the movie. The world is still crazy and we can all still use some laughter.  
I’m Your Man is definitely more light-hearted than the other android-related sci-fi movies releasing this month.
13 - The Card Counter (9/10)

Production/Distribution: Focus Features, LB Entertainment, Astrakan Film AB, Bona Film Group, Convergent Media, Convergent Media, Enriched Media Group, HanWay Films, One Two Twenty Entertainment, Redline Entertainment, Focus Features, A Really Happy Film, ADS Service, Belga Films, Bir Film, Distribution Workshop, Filmfinity, Forum Film, Independent Films, Lucky Red, M2 Filmsk, NOS Audiovisuais, Odeon, Shaw Organisation, VVS Films, Volga Film Ukraine, Volga, Weltkino Filmverleih, Front Row Filmed Entertainment
Director: Paul Schrader
Writer: Paul Schrader
Actors: Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Willem Dafoe, Alexander Babara, Amye Gousset, Billy Slaughter, Britton Webb, Calvin Williams, Ekaterina Baker, Hassel Kromer, Joel Michaely, Tye Sheridan
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Rated: R
Length: 109 minutes
IMDb Blurb: Redemption is the long game in Paul Schrader's THE CARD COUNTER. Told with Schrader's trademark cinematic intensity, the revenge thriller tells the story of an ex-military interrogator turned gambler haunted by the ghosts of his past.
Martin Scorsese (The Snowman, Uncut Gems, The Irishman) and Paul Schrader (The Walker, Dying of the Light, First Reformed) have collaborated on a number of occasions, including the iconic movies of Taxi Driver (1976) and Raging Bull (1980). When these two get together, there is high potential for some really great cinema.
The Card Counter seems to be a tale of both redemption and revenge. Both are good angles for a story and get the audience invested. After watching the trailer, I’m not quite sure how all the puzzle pieces fit together, but I like the picture on the box, so to speak.
I’m wondering if there are  more comedic elements to The Card Counter, given Tiffany Haddish’s  (The Kitchen, Like a Boss, Bad Trip­) role in the movie. It would be wonderful, though, to see more of her serious side, however.
The rest of the cast are also quite gifted and recognizable. It’s no surprise that Willem Dafoe (The Lighthouse, Siberia, Zack Snyder's Justice League) is involved with the movie, given his penchant to appear in Schrader’s projects. He’s such a wild card with his often over-the-top characters that I never know what I’m going to get. Oscar Isaac (Ex Machina, Suburbicon, Life Itself) and Tye Sheridan (Ready Player One, Deadpool 2, The Mountain) round out the collection of cast members I’m excited to see in this production.
The trailer for The Card Counter gave me the impression that it might be a slow burn. I’m hoping it’s paced a bit faster than that.
It looks like The Card Counter will be exclusively in theaters upon release.
12 - Crazy About You (9/28)

Production/Distribution:  Bedlam, BondIt Media Capital, Saban Films, Umbrella Entertainment
Director: Alan Lindsay
Writer: Callan Durlik     
Actors: Angus McLaren, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, John Cleese, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Callan Durlik, Megan Smart, Alan Little, Lucy-Rose Leonard, Jamie Timony, Chloe Brown, Monica Main, Igor Sas, Daisy Axon, Amelia Broun, Luke Hewitt
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rated: R
Length: 101 minutes
IMDb Blurb: Dumped by his girlfriend and sponsored by media scoundrel Brian King, desolate Jake walks all-but-naked up Western Australia's coast for charity, in the hope his gesture will win back Jasmine, until he meets mesmerizing backpacker Valerie.
Here, in the middle of the list, is a movie that just looks like a lot of fun. I laughed so much at the trailer for Crazy About You.
There’s really only one actor I recognize in this movie -- John Cleese (Absolutely Anything, Trolls, Arctic Dogs). The moment I saw he was involved, and that the production had graciously worked around his hectic schedule to get his scenes shot, I was sold.
Cleese can make anything funny. Seriously. Anything.
While he’s not the main character of this story, Cleese plays a benefactor that makes the lead character’s journey possible.
I am here for the shenanigans, the accents, and the fact it’s a love story is ok too.
11 - Malignant (9/10)

Production/Distribution: Atomic Monster, Boom Entertainment, Boom! Studios, New Line Cinema, Starlight Culture Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. Pictures Germany, Warner Bros. Pictures, Warner Bros. Singapore, Warner Bros., HBO Max
Director: James Wan
Writers: Ingrid Bisu, James Wan, Akela Cooper
Actors: Annabelle Wallis, George Young, Ingrid Bisu, Jacqueline McKenzie, Jake Abel, Jon Lee Brody, Maddie Hasson, Michole White, Patrick Cox, Paula Marshall, Rachel Winfree
Genre: Drama, Horror, Crime
Rated: R
Length: 111 minutes
IMDb Blurb: Madison is paralyzed by shocking visions of grisly murders, and her torment worsens as she discovers that these waking dreams are in fact terrifying realities.
The trailer for Malignant highlighted that the creep factor in this movie will be high and that the production spent big bucks on the CGI for those scenes. The background morphing was stunning in the way it just flowed.
The moment I realized that James Wan (Insidious, The Conjuring, Furious 7) was directing Malignant, I knew it had to be on my list. He is a master of the horror genre and I can’t wait to see what he has in store with this tale of terror.
We’ve seen movies before where a character gets premonitions of things happening – but this story takes a different angle on that concept. I’m on the edge of my seat to see how it all plays out. You can imagine I’m fairly giddy that Malignant is releasing on HBO Max along-side its theater run.

10 - My Little Pony: A New Generation (9/24)

Production/Distribution: Entertainment One, Boulder Media, Netflix, Allspark Animation, Hasbro Studios, Hasbro, Central Partnership, Encore Films, Entertainment One, Golden Village Pictures, Intercontinental Film Distributors
Directors: Robert Cullen, José Luis Ucha, Mark Fattibene
Writers: Gillian Berrow, Robert Cullen, Tim Sullivan, José Luis Ucha, Bonnie Zacherle
Actors: Elizabeth Perkins, James Marsden, Jane Krakowski, Ken Jeong, Kimiko Glenn, Liza Koshy, Michael McKean, Phil LaMarr, Sofia Carson, Vanessa Hudgens
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Animation
Rated: PG
Length: 90 minutes
IMDb Blurb: After the time of the Mane 6, Sunny--a young Earth Pony--and her new Unicorn friend Izzy explore their world and strive to restore Harmony to Equestria.
Most of the movies coming out this month are for adults or older kids. The handful of family-friendly productions hitting theaters and streaming in September are absolutely worth it, however.
A prime example is Netflix’s new My Little Pony: The Next Generation. My guess is that this is the launch of a new series or perhaps a movie franchise. I’m thankful someone picked up the reins to carry these stories forward after the show airing on cable TV came to its inevitable conclusion.
I loved watching My Little Pony n' Friends (1986-1987) when I was little. I even had the pony castle and a handful of the dolls. I’ve enjoyed sharing these shows with my daughter as she gravitated to the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010-2020) series all on her own.
The new title is right, however, it’s time for some ponies focused on a new generation. Fans of the prior series can still enjoy it, of course. I am pretty sure I saw an Easter Egg in the trailer, just for them! 
I am all about the messages of friendship and unity these new ponies with undoubtedly tackle. 
9 - Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby-Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog (9/14)

Production/Distribution: Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network Studios, Hanna-Barbera Productions, Stretch Films, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Director: Cecilia Aranovich
Writers: John Dilworth, Michael Ryan
Actors: Jeff Bennett, Jeff Bergman, Marty Grabstein, Grey Griffin, Matthew Lillard, Kate Micucci, Chuck Montgomery, Paul Schoeffler, Frank Welker, Thea White
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Rated: Unrated
Length: 78 minutes
IMDb Blurb: The movie involves Scooby-Doo and his friends finding a strange object in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas, the backwoods hometown of Courage and his owners, Eustace and Muriel Bagge.
I will watch anything that has Scooby-Doo in it. That’s just facts.
Scooby-Doo has been a fixture in nearly all of my life. Who wouldn’t love a talking Great Dane? In fairness, I do have a few friends that aren’t onboard the Mystery Machine with me, Selina included, but who am I to judge, right? 
Unfortunately, I’m afraid I haven’t really watched most of the Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002) series. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there. It’s just been a bit out there for me, and the animation style wasn’t my favorite. That being said, I think that this is a brilliant mashup. So many absolutely bonkers things happen to Courage that it fits right in for the Mystery, Inc. crew. I don’t think you necessarily have to be aware of what happens in Nowhere to enjoy this story.
There’s excellent news to share, however, because Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo! The Sword and the Scoob, Bosch, He's All That) is back in this movie voicing Shaggy. He’s been doing a damn good job of embodying that character since the original voice actor passed away. I was pretty upset they’d replaced him in a movie not too long ago. Apparently, a good number of others were, too. Maybe the studios heard our outcry and corrected their course. Regardless, he’s back!
I am glad, too, that they haven’t tried to mess with the voice of Scooby, himself. Frank Welker (Animaniacs, Curious George, Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?) is iconically portraying that role. He started off with only voicing Fred when the first show aired in 1969 and has continued to play his part in the majority of the series and productions from that point on. He picked up the voice of Scooby around when the original voice actor passed in 1997. I think there would be torches and pitchforks if they tried to replace him. 
It seems that Straight Outta Nowhere: Scooby Doo! Meets Courage the Cowardly Dog will be heading directly to DVD and digital platforms, so you have several options to enjoy this film once it is released.
8 - Night of the Animated Dead (9/21)

Production/Distribution: Warner Bros. Animation, Hemisphere Entertainment, The Long Game, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Warner Brothers Entertainment
Director: Jason Axinn
Writer: John A. Russo
Actors: Josh Duhamel, Katee Sackhoff, Dulé Hill, James Roday, Jimmi Simpson, Katharine Isabelle, Nancy Travis, Stefan Marks, Will Sasso
Genre: Horror
Rated: R
Length: 96 minutes
IMDb Blurb: In Night of the Animated Dead, siblings Barbara and Johnny visit their father's grave in a remote cemetery in Pennsylvania when they are suddenly set upon by zombies. Barbara flees and takes refuge in an abandoned farmhouse along with stranded motorist Ben and four local survivors found hiding in the cellar. Together, the group must fight to stay alive against the oncoming horde of zombies while also confronting their own fears and prejudices.
Night of the Animated Dead is simply that – an animated retelling of George A. Romero’s (Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead) landmark horror film Night of the Living Dead (1968).
“They’re coming to get you, Barbara!” Is a movie line that has stuck with me since I first watched it. I think it is probably also the most quoted line from the iconic horror flick.
There’s a spectacular cast lined up, and the story is a classic. I can’t wait to watch it. Night of the Animated Dead will be released directly to digital platforms and DVD several days later. I believe it will be available on Amazon Prime Video. From what I’ve seen, however, I am not sure if it will be included with the Prime subscription or at a rental fee.
7 - CopShop (9/17)

Production/Distribution: Sculptor Media, Zero Gravity Management, G-BASE, WarParty Films, Raven Capital Management, Open Road Films, Briarcliff Entertainment, Elevation Pictures, Entract Films, Roadshow Films, STX International, The Searchers, BGFilm, Eagle Films
Director: Joe Carnahan
Writers: Kurt McLeod, Joe Carnahan, Mark Williams
Actors: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Alexis Louder, Armida Lopez, David Vaughn, J.R. Adduci, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau, Keith Jardine, Ryan O'Nan, Tait Fletcher, Toby Huss
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rated: R
Length: 108 minutes
IMDb Blurb: On the run from a lethal assassin, a wily con artist devises a scheme to hide out inside a small-town police station-but when the hitman turns up at the precinct, an unsuspecting rookie cop finds herself caught in the crosshairs.
When you see the director that had the A-Team (2010) flying a tank has made an action-thriller with Gerard Butler (Machine Gun Preacher, Hunter Killer, Greenland) and Frank Grillo (Point Blank, Hell on the Border, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard), you know to hold on to your seats. It’s going to be a wild ride.
Absolute mayhem would be the first words that came to mind after watching the trailer for CopShop. Joe Carnahan (Smokin' Aces, Stretch, Boss Level) appears to be in fine form here. There’s humor blended in with all of the action.
Speaking of humor, the badass yet witty female officer played by Alexis Louder (Harriet, Watchmen, The Tomorrow War) was my favorite element of the trailer. I can’t wait to see her performance in the whole movie.
CopShop will be releasing to theaters, though I am unsure whether or not it will be available On-Demand immediately.  
6 - Kate (9/10)

Production/Distribution: 87North, Screen Arcade, Netflix
Director: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
Writer: Umair Aleem
Actors: Amelia Crouch, Ava Caryofyllis, Elysia Rotaru, Eoin O'Brien, Jun Kunimura, Mari Yamamoto, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Michiel Huisman, Miku Patricia Martineau, Miyavi, Patrick Newall, Tadanobu Asano, Ulf Pilblad, Woody Harrelson
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Rated: R
Length: 106 minutes
IMDb Blurb: A female assassin has 24 hours to get vengeance on her murderer before she dies.
September seems to be a great month for kickass female characters. Kate is set to deliver some brutal action as Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Birds of Prey) titular character seeks revenge on her would-be murderer.
Aside from the cast, which also includes Michiel Huisman (Orphan Black, The Ottoman Lieutenant, The Age of Adaline) and Woody Harrelson (Seven Psychopaths, True Detective, Midway), I’m excited at what Kate’s director will bring to the table.
Cedric Nicolas-Troyan (Snow White and the Huntsman, Maleficent, The Huntsman: Winter's War) hasn’t been a principal director for very long, however, he has lead and supervised VFX for films for most of his career. That means that this movie is going to be gorgeous and well-rendered - if nothing else.
You never know what you’re going to get with relatively new writers and directors, however. Sometimes there is magic immediately. I’m hoping that this duo just goes for it, guns blazing with the writer, Umair Aleem’s (Extraction) sophomore screenplay.
The good news is that you won’t have to wait to catch Kate. This film is a Netflix Original and will drop directly to that streaming service upon release.
5 - Queenpins (9/10)

Production/Distribution: AGC Studios, Marquee Entertainment, Red Hour Films, Elevation Pictures, MM2 Entertainment, STX Films, The Searchers, BGFilm, Eagle Films, Paramount+, Showtime Networks
Directors: Aron Gaudet, Gita Pullapilly
Writers: Aron Gaudet, Gita Pullapilly
Actors: Annie Mumolo, Bebe Rexha, Garrett Wareing, Jack McBrayer, Joel McHale, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Kristen Bell, Marc Evan Jackson, Nick Cassavetes, Paul Walter Hauser, Stephen Root, Vince Vaughn
Genre: Comedy, Crime
Rated: R
Length: 110 minutes
IMDb Blurb: A pair of housewives create a $40 million coupon scam.
I laughed so hard at the trailer for Queenpins.
A couple of housewives start a coupon scam to save money and spread the benefits to other coupom clippers... for a fee. 
The crazy thing is that it’s said this is based on a true story. I feel like I need to find that news article at some point.
I can’t wait to see what shenanigans Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Frozen II, Gossip Girl) and Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Why Women Kill, The Good Place, Cruella) are up to, and how they pull off this multi-million dollar coupon heist. There are plenty of other well-known cast members to geek out over, too. 
4 - Yakuza Princess (9/3)

Production/Distribution: Filmland International, XYZ Films, Magnet Releasing, Magnolia Pictures, Vortex Media
Director: Vicente Amorim
Writers: Vicente Amorim, Danilo Beyruth, Kimi Lee, Tubaldini Shelling, Fernando Toste
Actors: Charles Paraventi, Eijiro Ozaki, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Kenny Leu, Lucas Oranmian, Mariko Takai, MASUMI, Nicolas Trevijano, Toshiji Takeshima, Tsuyoshi Ihara
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rated: R
Length: 112 minutes
IMDb Blurb: The heiress to half of the Yakuza crime syndicate forges an uneasy alliance with an amnesiac stranger who believes an ancient sword binds their two fates. She must unleash war against the other half of the syndicate who wants her dead.
I love martial arts movies. I love Japan-oriented stories. Yakuza Princess just checks off all sorts of boxes. The story element of fate being tied to a katana is also very interesting and on point for the genre. I have been super excited to watch Yakuza Princess since Selina was able to review it as part of the Fantasia Film Festival recently.
You can see her review here: Yakuza Princess.

3 - Dear Evan Hansen (9/24)

Production/Distribution: Marc Platt Productions, Perfect World Pictures, Universal Pictures, Toho-Towa, United International Pictures, Universal Pictures Argentina, Universal Pictures International, Flixzilla, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Director: Stephen Chbosky        
Writer: Steven Levenson
Actors: Amandla Stenberg, Amy Adams, Avery Bederman, Ben Platt, Colton Ryan, Danny Pino, DeMarius Copes, Isaac Powell, Julianne Moore, Kaitlyn Dever, Liz Kate, Nik Dodani
Genre: Drama, Musical
Rated: PG-13
Length: 137 minutes
IMDb Blurb: Film adaptation of the Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical about Evan Hansen, a high school senior with Social Anxiety disorder and his journey of self-discovery and acceptance following the suicide of a fellow classmate.
Mental health is important.
So many kids go through school in the same shoes as the main characters in this story. I could really relate on so many levels. You might want to keep some tissue nearby while you watch this one. Not only is it based on a successful musical stage production, the message is powerful, and the music is second to none.
Don’t let Dear Evan Hansen pass you by.
2 - Cinderella (9/3)

Production/Distribution: Columbia Pictures, DMG Entertainment, Fulwell 73, Sony Pictures Animation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Pictures Releasing, Amazon Studios
Director: Kay Cannon
Writer: Kay Cannon
Actors: Billy Porter, Camila Cabello, Charlotte Spencer, Idina Menzel, James Corden, John Mulaney, Maddie Baillio, Minnie Driver, Nicholas Galitzine, Romesh Ranganathan
Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Rated: PG
Length: 113 minutes
IMDb Blurb: A modern movie musical with a bold take on the classic fairy tale. Our ambitious heroine has big dreams and with the help of her fab Godmother, she perseveres to make them come true.
I absolutely adore this new spin on the classic tale. It’s wonderful that they kept the musical format, too. The cast is amazing, and the story takes into account societal updates. Cinderella isn’t a damsel in distress that just needs to be swept away from her horrible family. She has aspirations and dreams to own a business. She has talent and a mind of her own.
The sass from the “Fabulous Godmother” in the trailer is absolutely hilarious and I am loving it. Of course, it’s Billy Porter (Like a Boss, Equal, Pose). Enough said, right?
I could really ramble on forever, but the point is that this Cinderella is most certainly one to watch, and it will be available on Amazon Prime Video exclusively.
1 - Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (9/3)

Production/Distribution: Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel Studios, Fox Studios Australia, Forum Hungary, Kinomania, NOS Audiovisuais, Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Argentina, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italia
Director: Destin Daniel Cretton
Writers: Dave Callaham, Destin Daniel Cretton, Andrew Lanham, Steve Englehart, Jim Starlin
Actors: Alexandre Chen, Andy Le, Awkwafina, Ben Kingsley, Benedict Wong, Calvin Chen, Dallas Liu, Fala Chen, Florian Munteanu, Kelli Bailey, Meng'er Zhang, Michelle Yeoh, Paul W. He, Ronny Chieng, Rosalind Chao, Simu Liu, Tim Roth, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Wah Yuen
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Rated: PG-13
Length: 132 minutes
IMDb Blurb: Shang-Chi, the master of unarmed weaponry-based Kung Fu, is forced to confront his past after being drawn into the Ten Rings organization.
I’ll be honest. I am completely unfamiliar with the character highlighted in this MCU movie. Haven’t seen a single comic or heard any stories from MCU fan friends. You know what, though? That’s OK.
I don’t think you have to be familiar with the background, origin info, or comic storylines to enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has me super excited for this next chapter and that it takes us to a new place we haven’t visited before – story-wise at least.
Considering the current debacle with Black Widow (2021) and Disney+, it looks like this movie will be in theaters exclusively for 45 days. It should drop on the streaming platform shortly after that for home viewing.
MCU movies are always best on the big screen, though, so if you can safely attend a theater near you please do so.

Movies to Look out For
According to: Selina
 Night of the Animated Dead .20
The Voyeurs .19
Martyrs Lane .18
The Eyes of Tammy Faye .17
The Card Counter .16
Wild Indian .15
The Duke .14
CopShop .13
Superhost .12
We Need to Do Something .11
Everybody’s Talking About Jamie .10
Queenpins .9
My Little Pony: A New Generation .8
Prisoners of the Ghostland .7
Cinderella .6
Malignant .5
Kate .4
Yakuza Princess .3
Dear Evan Hansen .2
Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings .1

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