Thursday, June 19, 2014

Shark Week (2012)

Number Rolled: 35
Movie Name/Year: Shark Week (2012)
Genre: Horror
Length: 89 minutes
Rating: NR
Affiliated Companies: The Asylum
Executive Producer: David Rimawi
Director: Christopher Ray
Writer: Liz Adams, H. Perry Horton
Actors: Yancy Butler, Patrick Bergin, Joshua Michael Allen, Bart Baggett, Erin Coker, Frankie Cullen, Valerie K. Garcia, Billy Ray, Meredith Thomas, Robert Matthew Wallace, Eric Scott Wilson, Israel Wright, Josh Williams, John Paul Bennett

One by one, a group of strangers find themselves kidnapped and brought to a strange place. Chained up and hooded, they learn that their captor intends to release them, provided they pass a few tests. Every day they must face and kill a shark, or die trying.

I love movies that are so bad that they’re good. A good example of that, from the creature feature category, is Sharknado. Shark Week, however, was so bad that there was nothing good about it. That’s a very different thing. Not every B movie is going to fall under the “it’s so bad it’s good” category.

The problem with movies coming from The Asylum Production Company is that they will produce anything B movie-ish. They don’t make a distinction between bad-bad and good-bad. That means they have a terrible reputation with movie fans. They’ve produced roughly 160 movies, most do tend to fall under the “terrible” category, but there are a few gems. We all know I enjoyed Sharknado; I also enjoyed Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies among others. Still, the bad is starting to outweigh the good.

This movie had terrible acting, terrible graphics, a terrible storyline, and a terrible script (my brain is still twitching from “a lot more easier”).

Don’t put yourself through the agony of watching this crap, but try to keep an open mind about The Asylum. Their movies don’t always suck.

Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score – None
Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score – 4%

Netflix’s Prediction for Me – 1.9/5
Trust-the-Dice Score1/5

The Random Rating: PG-13 – for drug innuendo and moderate action violence

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