Friday, October 11, 2013

The Caller (2011)

Number Rolled: 73
Movie Name/Year: The Caller (2011)
Genre: Horror
Length: 91 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Matthew Parkhill
Writer: Sergio Casci
Actors: Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, Lorna Raver, Ed Quinn, Luis Guzman, Lydia Echevarria, Aris Mejias, Gladys Rodriguez, Sunshine Logrono, Brian Tester, Grace Connelly, Alfredo De Quesada

Mary, victim of a difficult divorce from an abusive husband, needed to find an apartment in a hurry. The one she found might not have been great, but she made it work anyway. That is, until the phone calls started. What seemed to be a simple issue of a wrong number dialed, however, turned into something sinister as Mary found the calls taking over her life.

Although the ending was just creepy enough for me to have at least a single fond memory of the movie, it was mostly a complete and total bore. When the first call came very early on, I became interested in what I thought was going to be a fast-paced horror flick. Unfortunately, “The Caller,” couldn’t hold my interest as it became more and more clear that there was nothing “fast-paced,” or even coherent, about the story being portrayed.

I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Luis Guzman in a serious part. It was completely different than anything else I’ve seen him in. Don’t get confused, look him up. You might not recognize him by name, but you’ll almost definitely recognize him by face, he’s been in four to five movies per year since the 90’s – with good reason. Sometimes, with the silly characters he tends to play, it’s hard to remember that he’s a phenomenal actor. The rest of the actors weren’t bad, but pretty much everything else was.

“The Caller” builds itself up to be something it’s not. The trailer conveniently shows every single twist in the story, if you skip the movie and just watch that, you’ll save a lot of time and boredom.

Netflix’s Prediction for Me – 4/5
Overall Opinion – 2/5

P.S. Brittany Murphay was set to take the lead, but dropped out. Lefevre was her replacement.

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