Monday, September 2, 2013

My Sucky Teen Romance (2011)

Number Rolled: 94
Movie Name/Year: My Sucky Teen Romance (2011)
Genre: Comedy
Length: 76 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: Emily Hagins
Writer: Emily Hagins
Actors: Elaine Hurt, Patrick Delgado, Santiago Dietche, Lauren Lee, Tony Vespe, Lauren Vunderink, Devin Bonnee, Sam Eidson, Tina Rodriguez

Kate has a crush on Paul, the geeky cashier at the local supermarket. Unfortunately, she has some difficulty actually talking to him. As she packs for her weekend at the sci-fi convention, Paul finds himself in a rough position. After he’s turned into a vampire, they run into each other at the con and attempt to figure things out together.

I was kind of impressed with the movie. It had a rough start and the script wasn’t nearly as polished as it could have been, but there are a lot of factors to take into account with that. The most important thing to remember is who Emily Hagins is. The writer/director of this film is one of the youngest directors in history. Steven Spielberg was 11 years old when he directed his first film, “The Last Train Wreck.” Emily Hagins was 12. Younger than most directors (18 at the time of this film’s release) and with a very small budget, Hagins managed to not only get her point across, but managed to do so in a entertaining method.

The movie is geared toward young teenagers, the anti-Twilight, Twilight-age crowd. It takes an interesting look at the sparkly vampire nonsense. Have you ever wondered how a real vampire would react to the Twilight-craze? Well, “My Sucky Teen Romance” goes into it.

The actors had their moments, but they weren’t spectacular. None-the-less, I found myself entranced by the end of the movie and caught a bit off-guard by the climax.

Don’t expect a blockbuster. This was a very good B-movie. If you can get past the flaws, the story is worth it. I look forward to seeing what Hagins does in the future. She’s going to be one of the greats, I believe it.

Overall Opinion – 3.5/5

The Random Rating: PG-13 (for extended horror scenes)

P.S. Although the cover makes it seem like a cartoon, it’s live-action.

P.P.S. “My Sucky Teen Romance” was partially funded by a site called “Indiegogo.” If you want to get an idea of the budget for the film check out the site:

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