Friday, May 3, 2013

The Dead Undead (2010)

Number Rolled: 100
Movie Name/Year: The Dead Undead (2010)
Genre: Horror
Length: 93 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Matthew R. Anderson, Edward Conna
Writer: Edward Conna
Actors: Luke Goss, Matthew Anderson, Spice Williams-Crosby, Luke LaFontaine, Edward Conna, Laura Chinn, Joshua Alba, America Young, Cameron Goodman, Johnny Pacar, Luke Gregory Crosby, Lance Frank, Forrest J. Ackerman, Vernon Wells, Billie Proffitt, Laura Cordova, Hillary Enclade, Brandon Molale, Thomas Wiseman

A group of friends break down near a shop. Upon inspection of their surroundings, they learn that the building is completely abandoned, as well as the motel nearby. Under the belief that they will pay someone for the rooms if the owner shows up, they hijack a key and settle in for the night. Their night, however, is far from peaceful as zombies begin to make themselves known in a very unusual way.

As you would be able to tell from the movie’s cover, this is a film that focuses on the question of who would win: vampires or zombies. I could think of no better way to prepare myself to watch this than to first watch “Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Zombies.” It is the last episode of Season 3 and I highly recommend it – whether or not you want to go into this movie with some facts backing up the story. Personally, I found the transition from the informative television show into this fantasy-based movie beneficial.

It’s almost obvious before I say anything but, this is a B movie. With that in mind, this is a B movie that somehow drudged up real explosion footage and one hell of a storyline (no pun intended). As per usual, if I were to judge this movie based on Blockbuster stats, it would have scored much lower. That’s a little like grading a fish on how well it climbs stairs – ridiculous and unnecessary.

I absolutely adored this film. It had its issues. There were some continuity errors as well as a beginning that had me seriously contemplating taking a nap. I hate to admit just how much the beginning sucked. It made the movie look like it was going to be completely stereotypical and based around every cliché in the horror genre. I’m glad I sat through it because it very quickly became something I’d never seen before.

“The Dead Undead” realizes it’s a B movie and instead of trying to change that, it digs up all the stuff we expect from that label and makes fun of it. The characters, themselves, point out things that we, as normal viewers, normally point out and ask, “Why?”

I understand why it’s labeled a horror movie. Zombies and vampires are both generally solely for the horror genre (especially when they don’t sparkle), but I found myself laughing more than I was jumping. When you take stunt people out of their normal environment and put them in starring roles, however, you get a hell of a lot of action to make up for the lack of gore zombies usually bring.

In my research, I noted that people beat this movie down. On it’s score is a measly 11%. Of course, when you consider this fact, please also consider that the blurb on the site that is supposed to describe this movie barely has anything to do with it. Judge for yourself.

Overall Opinion – 4/5

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