Monday, October 29, 2012

Stripes (1981)

Number Rolled: 98
Movie Name/Year: Stripes (1981)
Genre: Comedy
Length: 106 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Ivan Reitman
Writer: Len Blum, Daniel Goldberg, Harold Ramis
Actors: Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Warren Oates, P.J. Soles, Sean Young, John Candy, John Larroquette, John Voldstad, Judge Reinhold

*Sigh* just… *sigh*. My hopes were way too high for this movie. Two of the Ghostbusters? John Candy? The lawyer from Night Court? Not to mention a suggestion to watch it from my best friend? Hell yeah. I’m in.

Ok, it’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it doesn’t even meet half credit for me. True, in its time, it might have been something special – but this is not 1981 and I’m watching it now. Not then. Have you ever seen “In The Army Now” – that ridiculous army movie featuring Pauly Shore? If you have, then you really don’t need to watch this rendition of the same exact tale. Having seen both movies I feel I can safely say that “In the Army Now” took just about its entire story – not just its inspiration – from Stripes. And, although it starred Pauly Shore and Andy Dick, still managed to tell the story BETTER than Stripes.

I was more entertained by chasing a mouse through the living room with my dog and a piece of cardboard than I was by the movie. And that, my friends, is just sad.

I would really like to roll something worth watching now. Please?!

Overall Opinion – 2/5

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