Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Craft (1996)

Number Rolled: 68
Movie Name/Year: The Craft (1996)
Genre: Teen Scream, Supernatural Horror, Horror
Length: 100 minutes
Rating: R
Director: Andrew Fleming
Writer: Peter Filardi, Andrew Fleming
Actors: Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, Christine Taylor, Skeet Ulrich, Assumpta Serna, Cliff De Young, Breckin Meyer, Nathaniel Marston, Helen Shaver, Jeanine Jackson, Brenda Strong

I remember loving this movie when it came out. I was in Junior High School, I hated just about everyone and everything and I felt like I had nowhere to fit in. So when this movie came out, I clung to it like a security blanket. I didn’t know of anyone at my age, at that time, who didn’t at least like the movie a bit. I understand the basic psychology behind it, and watching it again, now, it still gives me the warm and fuzzies as my first horror movie – but I saw it in a different light this time.

Considering the time frame of when the movie came out, the script and plot is actually pretty original (by our time, not so much, but keep in mind this move was made over a decade ago). Along with that, Fairuza Balk plays insanity like no one else possibly can. I’d love to be able to say the rest of this review goes down this same road, but I can’t.

Neve Campbell has a couple of believable moments, but otherwise wound up completely overshadowed (like Rachel True) by just about anyone in the cast. Even people who only see minor screen time like Skeet Ulrich or Brenda Strong. Robin Tunney, the lead in this particular movie, was horrible. The start of the movie comes in, she seems to be a strong actress and then it’s like she got bored or distracted or something because she lost it. Then the last three minutes of the movie come along and she’s strong again. I don’t know what happened to that strength. Maybe she’s just not cut out for horror flicks.

Regardless of the acting snafus, I still believe this is a movie worth seeing at least once.

Overall Opinion – 3/5

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