Monday, August 20, 2012

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008)

Number Rolled: 32
Movie Name/Year: The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008)
Genre: Comedy
Length: 105 minutes
Rating: NR
Director: Matt Vancil
Writer: Matt Vancil
Actors: Nathan Rice, Brian Lewis, Carol Roscoe, Christian Doyle, Scott C. Brown, Jennifer Page

Are you a nerd? Have ever role-played? Does your group have their own private joke that moves story-line along? If so, you definitely have to see this movie.

It’s a movie about a group of Dungeons and Dragon role-players and the game they are playing. It’s less of a serious look at it and more like a realistic look at what goes on during table-top role-play. The silliness, the trips out of character, the struggle to keep stuff people know out of character from interfering with their characters knowledge, even going into different styles of role-play.

There are two storylines going on simultaneously in this movie. The storyline that the role-players’ characters are going through and the out of character storyline of the dungeon master writing his story. Unlike other movies with multiple storylines though, this movie makes it easy to follow. It also has many opportunities for ideas to lend for running a story in a table-top game or quotable lines.

If you’re looking to get a friend into role-playing who’s never played before, show them this movie. It will take away that negative stigma on what gaming is really like. May the dice be with you!

Overall Opinion – 5/5

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