Friday, June 15, 2012


With the addition of Netflix to our gaming consoles and computers, who amongst us can say they don't abuse their instant queues? Until this day I have always had my instant queue filled to the max, until I'm simply not allowed to press that little X button and add the next interesting thing I will never watch. Not anymore.

I have begun a project to attempt to watch as many movies as I can squeeze from this instant queue, all while continuing to add onto it. Of course, if I were allowed to choose I would just wind up watching the same highly publicized movies from the same genres and what fun would that be? The same review, time after time. That’s where my geek-dom comes in handy.

My instant queue is not the only thing bursting at the seams. So is my dice bag. Filled to bursting point with d20’s, percentage dice, d12’s, d8’s, d6’s, d4’s and even some rarities like a d16 and a 100 sided, they too sit and collect dust when summer there are no Whitewolf or D&D campaigns going on. I will be blowing the dust of those beauties and letting the dice guide me.

I won’t be choosing a single movie I review, instead, the dice will choose. Whether it leads to a horror or a romantic comedy, that will be my movie of the day and I will then share it with you. This means that I won’t be taking on the newest of the new. In fact, I might wind up posting on movies from over a decade ago.

Yeah, I know, everyone’s a critic, why should someone care what I say? Well, that’s up to you. I’m putting this out there like a party invitation. Join me on my simple quest of movie-watching greatness, or do… something else.

May the dice be with you.

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